Nuclear Waste Flasks at Arnisde, Morecambe Bay


Having barely drawn breath since Cumbria County Council’s No vote, the Department of Energy and Climate Change have charged ahead with their “Geological Implementation” agenda and we are now apparently taking steps to the “siting process.” The CONsultation which ends on the 5th is merely about a revision to the “siting process.” The “improvement” is to make the few people on the executive of the District Councils i.e. Allerdale and Copeland, the sole decision makers. The less people to make the decision the less people to nobble.

Even so there are no chances being taken and Cumbria County Council’s response to this sham CONsultation has been overseen by Councillor David Southward, you remember him? He is the nuclear cheerleader who tried to overturn the County Council’s NO vote (but ironically is strongly opposed to the proposed nuclear dump for lower activity wastes at Keekle Head, see previous post below)

Instead of opposing the whole charade of the CONsultation which has been written with Cumbria specifically in mind, the County Council’s draft response goes along with it as much as it can, even helpfully suggesting ways to smooth the road to a geological dump for heat generating radioactive wastes under Cumbria.

Ask Cumbria County Council to consider making radical changes to its draft response.

CONTACTS: You can write to Stuart Young Leader of the Cabinet: Stewart.Young@cumbria.gov.uk
and ask that the content of your letter is made known or write to all 10 Cabinet Members here:

Points to Make (this is not a definitive list – there are more and probably better)

• Cumbria County County Council said NO on 30th January of this year – rather than responding directly to this new and deliberately skewed consultation on the “siting process” the Cabinet should instead write a letter making their own points on their own terms. To take part in the consultation on the “siting process” suggests that the process is underway and that Cumbria County Council is complicit.

• No other County is in the frame – only Cumbria. No District Councils in London, or Norfolk, nowhere apart from Cumbria.

• This is not a Cumbrian problem, it is not even a national problem, the high level waste here is as a result of international deliveries of spent fuel for reprocessing. Spent fuel is still arriving at Sellafield for reprocessing adding to the mountain of deadly wastes including plutonium (see below).

• There is no room for an outright No in this meaningless consultation which is geared to one outcome – a geological dump or two in Cumbria.

• In 2011 the then Secretary of State Chris Huhne was the sole Justifying Authority for the safety of new build with the safety of geological disposal a key prerequisite. He said “we expect to dispose of spent fuel and intermediate level waste from new nuclear power stations in the same geological disposal facility that will be constructed for the disposal of legacy waste”. How confident can Cumbria County Council be that the words of a convicted liar and cheat are trustworthy?

• It is unethical to offer compensation in exchange for a GDF to a community with pre- existing poverty – this is the advice in a government report written in a paper for Nirex by Kate Rawles. It could be argued that it is unethical to offer “compensation” in any case – if the GDF is so safe and such an “huge opportunity” then why the need for compensation?
“an ethical relationship between society and the host community will not be achieved if the main reason that the community agrees to accept an RWMF, and the compensation that goes with it, is pre- existing poverty”. Dr Kate Rawles

• Geological Disposal of the high level wastes proposed has never been carried out anywhere, Cumbria would be the Nuclear Test Dump Dummies.

• Only a strong NO will do.

• Cumbria County Council should work to persuade Allerdale and Copeland District Councils that if intergenerational retrievability is quite rightly seen as an essential then this negates the reasoning behind geological disposal which is to put the waste out of the reach of future generations.

Cumbria County Council’s Cabinet – Draft Consultation Response to Siting Process

Click to access MRWS%20Consultation%20FINAL.pdf

David Southward

Ethical Issues in the Treatment of Host Communities by Kate Rawles

Click to access Compensation-in-Radioactive-Waste-Management-Ethical-issues-in-the-treatment-of-host-communities-May-2002.pdf

Britains Plutonium Mountain

Rock Solid? A scientific review by Dr Helen Wallace -European Leaders are being misled over the safety of underground disposal of dangerous nuclear waste which could poison groundwaters for centuries

Chris Huhne

Radiation Free Lakeland and others will be at outside the Cabinet meeting from 9am to demonstrate our opposition to Cumbria County Council’s bizarre and weak kneed response to this latest cunning plan from the ironically named government quango:Managing Radioactive Wastes Safely. Don’t let Radiation Free Lakeland be ironically named –
……if the plan was to bury a few million tonnes of bananas under Cumbria we wouldn’t be quite so bothered? (many thanks to 3 Weeks to Save the Lakes for that one!)

8 thoughts on “DUMP CREEP

  1. Reblogged this on Mining Awareness Plus and commented:
    This is in a National Park most of which was given or endowed by Beatrix Potter of Peter Rabbit fame. It is the indigenous home of western march Border Clans deported by the UK government so there are fewer people to fight against this dump than would otherwise be the case. The descendants of the deported are also threatened by a dump in Mississippi — the economically poorest US state. So, let’s see, empty the lands of its people and then make it into a dumping ground? They would do it to the Scottish Highlands if the Scottish parliament were not stopping them. The proper thing to do is for the government to empty the vaults in the City of London of their gold and use the gold to clean-up Sellafield and use the vaults — probably old lead vaults–to store the waste. Under the UK parliament and under Downing Street are additional locations where there would be plenty of people to monitor the stuff. And, it must be monitored!
    The UK’s (and US’s) proposal for new nuclear build makes it more enraging still. The poor rural areas being targeted are not the ones using much of the energy either. This part of England produces the most alternative energy.

  2. Many thanks for this and for your support – there is no “away” when it comes to radioactive wastes – instead of containing they are going for “dilute and disperse”
    A free chip of plutonium in every lung ? Beatrix Potter would have been appalled to see what government plan to do, instead of calling a halt to nuclear – a mega mine or two or three ripping the heart out of Cumbria and filling with the most toxic crap man has ever invented. While profligate amounts of fossil fuel and freshwater are needed into eternity to feed the monster.

  3. Should the Cabinet members be contacted or the entire laundry list of members? The problem seems belong under almost everything BUT David Southward’s economic development – excepting the tourism which will be destroyed. Although environment first springs to mind, if test drilling at the base of Ennerdale Lake makes the Lake-Reservoir collapse that is going to involve health and safety, community safety, flooding, and coroner.

    Shouldn’t the responsible person be Clare Feeney-Johnson (environment) rather than David Southward (Econ. Developt)?
    Clare Feeney-Johnson
    Title: Cabinet Member for Environment/Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group
    Party: Liberal Democrat
    Division: Kendal Castle
    Parish: Kendal
    District: South Lakeland
    Home address:
    28 Howe Bank Close
    LA9 7PU
    Phone: 01539 422939
    Bus. email: Clare.Feeney-Johnson@cumbria.gov.uk

    Cabinet Members
    http://www.cumbria.gov.uk/council-democracy/councillors-democracy-elections/councillors/CabinetMembers.asp (emails at link)
    Cabinet is responsible for taking most of the important decisions affecting the work of the County Council, except those decisions that have been delegated to the six local committees. Following the County Council elections on 2nd May 2013, the new Leader of the Council announced his Cabinet at the Council’s Annual Meeting held in Kendal on 16th May 2013.

    Councillor Stewart Young (Labour) – Leader of the Council
    Strategic Overview
    Corporate Plan
    Contact details for Stewart Young (at link)

    Councillor Jo Stephenson (Liberal Democrats) – Finance and also Deputy Leader of the Council
    Strategic Overview
    Financial Planning
    Contact details for Jo Stephenson (at link)

    Councillor Anne Burns (Labour) – Children`s Services
    Children Looked After
    Services for Children with Disabilities
    Education and Learning
    Child and Family Support
    Health and Well-Being Board
    Contact details for Anne Burns
    Home address:
    10 Gilpin Walk
    LA14 3UP
    Phone: 01229 471824
    Mobile: 07966 641382
    Bus. email: Anne.Burns@cumbria.gov.uk

    Councillor Keith Little (Labour) – Highways and Transportation
    Maintenance and Improvement of the Highway Network
    Countryside Access
    Integrated Transport
    Flood Protection
    Contact details for Keith Little
    Home address:
    24 St Helen’s Avenue
    CA15 8RA
    Phone: 01900 812981
    Mobile: 07946 343010
    Bus. email: Keith.Little@cumbria.gov.uk

    Councillor Beth Furneaux (Labour) – Adult Social Care
    Libraries, Archives, Registrars and Coroners Services
    Health and Well-Being Board
    Contact details for Beth Furneaux
    Home address:
    3 Tree Terrace
    Tree Road
    CA8 1TY
    Phone: 016977 41903
    Bus. email: Beth.Furneaux@cumbria.gov.uk

    Councillor Clare Feeney-Johnson (Liberal Democrats) – Environment
    Waste Management and Prevention
    Environment Issues including Sustainability and Carbon Reduction
    Spatial Planning and Planning Policy
    Contact details for Clare Feeney-Johnson

    Councillor Ian Stewart (Liberal Democrats) – Organisational Change
    Legal and Democratic Services
    Corporate Governance
    ICT and Business Improvement
    Human Resources
    Culture Change
    Contact details for Ian Stewart
    Home address:
    10 Rose Hill Grove
    LA7 7HR
    Phone: 015395 62391
    Bus. email: Ian.Stewart@cumbria.gov.uk

    Councillor David Southward MBE (Labour) – Economic Development
    Economic Development
    Nuclear Related Issues
    Property and Regeneration
    Skills Development
    Contact details for David Southward MBE

    Barry Doughty (Labour and Co-operative) – Safer and Stronger Communities
    Fire and Rescue Services
    Health and Safety
    Trading Standards
    Community Safety
    Contact details for Barry Doughty
    Home address:
    4 Spring Gardens
    LA15 8AU
    Phone: 01229 466909
    Bus. email: Barry.Doughty@cumbria.gov.uk

    Councillor Patricia Bell (Liberal Democrats) – Public Health and Communities
    Public Health
    Area Planning
    Community Development
    Anti Poverty
    Health and Well-Being Board
    Contact details for Patricia Bell
    Home address:
    Beacon Edge
    CA11 9LA
    Phone: 01768 867826
    Bus. email: Patricia.Bell@cumbria.gov.uk

    Are now supporting after voting against? Very confusing!
    Their emails are at this link if you click on their names.
    County Council
    James Airey
    Trevor Allison
    Alan Lawrence Barry (Chair)
    Olivia (Libby) Bateman
    John Bell
    Patricia Anne Bell
    Robert William Betton
    Roger Kenneth Bingham
    James (Jim) Bland
    Joseph (Alan) Bowness
    Anne Burns
    Hilary Carrick
    Alan Clark
    Norman Clarkson
    Stanley Bernard (Stan) Collins
    Geoffrey David (Geoff) Cook (Vice-Chair)
    Nicholas Charles (Nick) Cotton
    Brian Crawford
    Barry John Doughty
    Deborah Anne Earl
    Shirley Evans
    Duncan Stewart Fairbairn
    Helen Jane Fearon
    Clare Feeney-Johnson
    Lawrence Neil Fisher
    David William Norman Fletcher
    Beth Furneaux
    William James (Bill) Graham
    Brenda Gray
    Heidi Halliday
    Kevin Robert Hamilton
    Michael (Mike) Hawkins
    Susan Mary Hayman
    Keith Haigh Hitchen
    Joseph Simon (Joe) Holliday
    Neil Hughes
    Gerald Humes
    Alan Kennon
    Timothy John (Tim) Knowles
    Roger John Liddle
    Jim Lister
    Keith Anthony Little
    Andrew Lysser
    Elizabeth Mallinson
    John Mallinson
    Anthony James (Tony) Markley
    Nicholas Henry (Nick) Marriner
    Carni McCarron-Holmes
    John McCreesh
    Hugh Francis McDevitt
    William (Bill) McEwan
    Frank Irving Morgan
    John Murphy
    Jane Murphy
    Eric William Nicholson
    Marjorie Rae
    Albert Pearson (Bert) Richardson
    David Roberts
    Mary Robinson
    Wendy Skillicorn
    David Edward Southward MBE
    Jo Stephenson
    Martin Stephenson
    Ian Stewart
    Gary Brian Strong
    Val Tarbitt
    Mandy Telford
    Celia Tibble
    Alan Toole
    Helen Wall
    Reginald (Reg) Watson OBE
    William John (Bill) Wearing
    Cyril Frederick Weber
    Eileen Weir
    William (Willie) Whalen
    Christine Wharrier
    Janet Willis
    Ernie Wilson
    Mark Wilson
    Roderick (Rod) Wilson
    Henry Wormstrup
    Melvyn Henry (Mel) Worth
    Stewart Young

    Other people to contact include:
    Ian Stephens, Managing Director, Cumbria Tourism

    Cumbria’s MPs
    andersenj@parliament.uk (Jamie Reed)


    Ed Davey, DECC
    Contact DECC
    Office address and general enquiries

    3 Whitehall Place
    SW1A 2AW
    Enquiry Unit / Press Office
    0300 060 4000
    Press Office out-of-hours (urgent press enquiries only)
    020 7215 3505
    To call DECC from overseas
    +44 (20) 7979 7777

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  5. Does anyone have a copy of the appendix of the County Cabinet Council document? This is supposed to have original statements and opinions by the members. There are some good points in the document and they probably come from this original. The good points include that waste should always be retrievable and that geology should come first (presumably excludes Cumbria) and the importance of interim storage. Also they feel that the opinion should be countywide and not just one or two tiny towns. It seems that David Southward did try his best to muddle what was a clear no. He was not entirely successful because the no was so clear. However, it could be read the two different ways. On first and second reading it seemed clearly anti-dump. Upon the third or fourth it looks like it is trying to muddle things in the direction of re-voting the dump. But, someone needs to demand the appendix be put online which has the original discussion. Or, is it online and we overlooked it? There will never be a nuclear waste dump in Cumbria because it is unfeasible, but we fear that they will destroy Ennerdale Water in the testing and/or attempted construction. Also, one could expect collapses and even fires if they attempt to build the tunnel-galleries. David Southward is so old he will likely miss the problems he wants to create. Ed Davey, Energy Minister, will live long enough to see his career ruined by his general stupidity, unless he changes directions.

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