CONsultations on geological dump manipulated – only a NO will do..

Kentmere Horshoe 12.12.12

The letter below illustrates how CONsultations are manipulated with “trending themes” which bend nuanced replies from people struggling to answer deliberately skewed questions. The only answer is NO but that is not an option especially so in this latest CONsultation. Below is a letter sent to DECC from Radiation Free Lakeland regarding the last CONsultation. This follows sight of the “trending themes” of the last CONsultation. These were asked for by Freedom of Information request by Dr David Lowry an independent consultant and researcher, they can be seen in the pdfs below.

Dear DECC,

Please could you send this to the relevant person to correct the attached documents.

1. “Call for Evidence theme definition and strength”

Radiation Free Lakeland’s consistent OPPOSITION to geological disposal as a concept is misrepresented and watered down in this document.

Radiation Free Lakeland should be included in 11b
• Doesn’t support geological disposal as the policy for management of HAW (Highly Active Waste)

2. “Call for Evidence Trending Themes”
pg 2 of 18 no 25 Radiation Free Lakeland : “Improvements to site selection process: Suitability of the geology of a proposed site must come before voluntarism. Independent, expert evidence of suitability of geology should be subject to public scrutiny. There should be no benefits used as incentive for hosting facility”.
This misrepresents Radiation Free Lakeland’s OPPOSITION to geological disposal.
What we have said is that geological dumping is unsafe ANYWHERE and the only option is long term storage and active watching but if the government is hell bent on geological disposal then other areas should be in the frame as Cumbria has already been ruled out on the grounds of geology and democracy.

Please ensure these changes are made as soon as possible to the documents
We are also extremely concerned to see Lancaster University suggests having a “GDF sited beneath Sellafield site or under the sea with access from Sellafield or site where the fuel is generated”.
While Imperial College London says “Cumbria County Council decision should not over-ride national interest”. In what way is national interest served by dumping hot radioactive waste under Cumbria? Unless of course it is to keep up the lie that geological disposal is a “solution,” in order to continue with an insane nuclear new build agenda with wastes even hotter.

yours sincerely,

Marianne Birkby
on behalf of Radiation Free Lakeland


DECC call for evidence Geological Dump “trending themes”

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