“Zombie” Grand Canyon Uranium Mine Halted

Hurray! Congratulations to all those who have worked hard to stop this insanity… the best way to ensure this doesn’t happen again is to say a big fat NO to new nuclear!

Protect Grand Canyon

For Immediate Release, November 6, 2013

Contact:         Roger Clark, Grand Canyon Trust, (928) 890-7515, Robin Silver, Center for Biological Diversity, (602) 799-3275, Sandy Bahr, Sierra Club, (602) 253-8633

GRAND CANYON NATIONAL PARK— For the second time in as many decades, operations to open the Canyon uranium mine six miles south of Grand Canyon National Park have been suspended. The Havasupai Tribe, which had previously challenged the mine, and conservation groups have been working to stop this mine because of potential harm to waters and wildlife of Grand Canyon, as well as cultural resources.

Pursuant to an agreement with the Havasupai Tribe and conservation groups, and citing “business reasons,” Energy Fuels Resources, Inc. decided to place the mine in non-operational, standby status on Tuesday. Uranium prices have dropped to a five-year low during the last three months. The mine was previously placed on standby in 1992, after uranium prices plunged to…

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