Happy Austria Nuclear Free:  Beacon of Hope for the World

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35 Years Ago, on November 5, 1978, Austrians voted against putting an already built nuclear power plant online. In November 2012 the plant became a solar power plant. In July 2013 Austria voted to ban imported nuclear power.
Old Town Salzburg across the Salzach riverSalzburg Austria, photo by Jiuguang Wang via Wikimedia

We would update the famous saying about Habsburg Austria’s foreign policy of intermarriage to prevent war:  “BELLA GERANT ALII, TU FELIX AUSTRIA NUBE” (Let Others Wage War; You, Happy Austria, Marry) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Latin_phrases_(B) to 

These two are perhaps more related than we might realize in that Austria’s 1955 neutrality may have helped facilitate its successful blocking of nuclear energy:  “A 1951 study undertaken by the [US] AEC concluded that commercial nuclear reactors would not be economically feasible if they were used solely to produce electricity; they would be, however, if they…

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