Your Move – if wishes were horses Greenpeace would be ACTIVELY opposing Nukiller

Your Move - Nukiller Homes
Your Move – Nukiller Homes

Greenpeace have ridden to the rescue – but not quite ridden far enough to oppose the most extreme energy there is Nukiller and the diabolic plan to bury nuclear waste in a vast underground mine or two or three.

From the Wrongmove Greenpeace website – a BRILLIANT campaign to oppose Fracking…

“ is an online hub to raise awareness of the areas in Britain which could be affected by hydraulic fracturing, and help people in Britain challenge fracking companies looking to operate in their communities.

About the ‘Not For Shale’ legal block

The ‘Not for Shale’ legal block is a campaign by Greenpeace to support residents in fracking-affected communities to challenge the Government and the companies trying to drill in their immediate area.

Through, residents can refuse permission to frack under their homes, even if companies have made, or are already making plans to drill there.

Fracking is a form of fossil fuel extraction that involves horizontal drilling. Fracking companies can drill up to two miles from a drill site, meaning operations regularly pass under people’s homes and farmland.

But in English law, if you own land then your rights extend to all the ground beneath it. The Supreme Court held in 2010 in Bocardo SA v Star Energy [2010] UKSC 35; [2011] 1 AC 380 that these rights apply when someone wants to drill underneath your land. That means that if someone drills under your home without permission, or without a statutory right, it is a trespass and trespass is unlawful.

In Scotland, people also have very substantial and complex property rights, so the situation will be even more difficult for fracking companies to get around.

The more people who explicitly say that they do not permit drilling to take place under their house or land, the harder it is for companies to ignore the law – and the clearer it is to government that people do not want the country to be put ‘up for shale’.

Recent newspaper reports suggest that fracking companies are worried that the law as it stands could stop or delay them from drilling. They are lobbying the government to change the law so that they can go ahead and drill without the consent of residents.

We’ll stand with residents every step of the way in order to try to stop the threat that fracking poses to our climate, our countryside and our health”.

The difference with geological dumping of nuclear waste is that companies will not be doing this off their own bat – they will be handed the bat by government – and the polluted pay for it in every way imaginable

We beg and plead with Greenpeace to stand with residents every step of the way in order to try to stop the threat that nuclear poses to our climate, our countryside and our health -only this is not just a threat of damage, with nuclear this is chronic, entrenched and happening right here and right now!

4 thoughts on “Your Move – if wishes were horses Greenpeace would be ACTIVELY opposing Nukiller

  1. Thanks for this post and all of the other wonderful posts. We have been working on a post on water and fracking and thought it was ready to go last night and it is still not ready. Water seems to be the recurring theme whether we are talking about In Situ Leach (ISL) uranium in the Black Hills of South Dakota; uranium and silver-lead mining in Macusani-Corani Peru, mining in Haiti, Fracking, Fukushima, and, of course, Sellafield-Lakelands, etc., etc.

    1. Many thanks for your kind words and all your work exposing the uranium and other mining and extraction industries. Yes if we ain’t got water everything else is pretty meaningless ! Nuclear is the biggie when it comes to profligate use and abuse of water and yet there is a deafening silence.

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