Paddington Bear’s home and Tropical Ice Cap about to be Shafted by Nukiller?

Andean Bear by Marianne Birkby
Andean Bear by Marianne Birkby

The home of Paddington Bear and the Quechua people is about to be shafted
by nuclear – there is NO uranium mining in Peru – this is set to
change with the area of the worlds most important ice cap in the High
Andes, Quelccaya, being aggressively eyed up.

Chief Executive of Macusani Yellowcake Peter Hooper in conversation..

Peter Hooper: Peru has no uranium mining and they have one medical
reactor. That’s it. The uranium here was found by Margaret Thatcher, you
know that of course.

James West: I didn’t know that.

Peter Hooper: She persuaded the British Geological Survey to fly Peru and
half of Chile for airborne geophysics including radiometrics in 1980 and
‘81, really is a thank you for the full control (SIC FALKLANDS ?).
Out of that came hundreds
of airborne anomalies and one of the biggest anomalies, it’s right where
we are. They created the IPEN, Institute Proven Energy Nuclear at the same
time and IPEN, pressing uranium in those days before Chernobyl with sky
high and they did some quite a lot of exploration work including some
added work. So that’s the basis of where we started uranium price crash
that changed the mining law in ‘91 which meant that IPEN had to stop
paying the government for all these properties there then they change the
rules. Uranium to this day is treated as a base metal improve(ph) no
special rules.

James West: So then who would be the ultimate client with that — implied
that in the UK would probably be the off take client?

Peter Hooper: Well, more or so the Chinese or the Koreans or the Japanese
is my guess.

James West: Okay, so it would be creating uranium mine for export then?

Peter Hooper: Yes, correct.

James West: Okay. So you’ve got 30 million pounds at this point and how
far away would you say in the best case scenario we could be from uranium

Peter Hooper: Well, the story goes like the first guy to realized the
recent potential was John Challis and he created a company called Solex
and he has take two-thirds of the plateau. Frontier Pacific did a lot of
work from the joint venture that all fell apart and they run out of money.
Solex was bought by Southern Andes and we’ve just moved with Southern
Andes. Right now we own 90% of the plateau.

James West: Wow. So that has a potential then to be a huge uranium mine.

So far the only people shouting about this are independent bloggers
especially Haiti Mining Awareness.

As a comment on the Radiation Free Lakeland Facebook site points out: EDF, AREVA, Westinghouse, Urenco etc etc must be laughing themselves silly
at the blind eye being afforded to the nuclear crimes against the earth
and its people.

Climate Change guru Mike Berners Lee’s book ‘The Burning Question’ was heavily promoted by the
Guardian who have said nowt so far about the Nukiller Burning of the Peruvian Ice Cap
In the ‘Burning Question’ he promotes new nuclear which somehow magically is not related to the real world of dodgy reactors which would burn uranium harder and longer than existing ones and make more dangerous wastes. Mr Berners Lee says “At the very least campaigning against nuclear seems like an odd use of time and effort”

Tell that to Paddington Bear! Paddington the Andean Bear from Deepest Darkest Peru is made homeless
because of uranium mining, gets to London to be greeted by trains carrying spent uranium fuel on the way to Sellafield to
be ‘reprocessed’ and made even more dangerous before dumping under Cumbria – ironically – the celebrated home of the Marmalade Festival.

The people of the High Andes are poor – but they are not polluted by uranium mining – this plan would destroy their lives and livelihoods for ever.

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