World Heritage Status – Lord Clark

Herdwick Wasdale Show 2012
Herdwick Wasdale Show 2012

Wasdale Show 2012

Photos – Wasdale Show 2012 ….Come along and see us at the 2013 Wasdale Show Oct 12th

Email to Lord Clark

Date: Fri, October 4, 2013 1:47 pm

Dear Lord Clark,

Many thanks for pursuing World Heritage Status for the Lake District.
Radiation Free Lakeland are very proud to be from this beautiful and
internationally important part of the world. We are hefted to the land
just as strongly as the herdwicks!

We understand that you are still a salaried non executive director of
Sellafield as well as a leading player in the Lake District National Park
Authority. We have previously questioned this conflict of interest. A
concern which appears to be borne out by the Lake District National Park’s
incredibly weak and grudging 11th hour response to the geological dump and
its bizarre SUPPORT for new nuclear build in Cumbria.

Given the justified growing anger at the governments new attempt to bypass
the democratic will of the County Council and Parishes in Cumbria, we
would like to ask if you are still in strong support of

A. a geological dump under Cumbria
B. New build at Sellafield

We hope that your love for Cumbria is greater than your understandable
allegiance to the continuation of the nuclear industry in its present form
which is for wastes to continue to arrive by the week at Sellafield to
‘Make Worse and Disperse’ rather than ‘Stop and Contain.’

with kind regards,

Marianne Birkby
Radiation Free Lakeland

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