“Powerful Evidence” to STOP DUMPING Nuke Plants in Cumbrian Landfill


Chapelcross Nuclear Plant
Going Going GONE …..to Cumbrian Landfill!

No More! Not if Tim Farron is successful in getting the Deregulatory “Exempt” law revoked which allows High Volume Very Low Level Nuclear Waste into landfill.

Previous to 2007 the dumping of high volumes of nuclear waste into landfill was banned. The “exempt” law was brought in to facilitate “decommissioning” or to use the vernacular: DUMPING NUCLEAR CRAP IN LANDFILL

Below is a letter from Tim Farron MP in reply to Dr Mathieson

—– Forwarded Message —–
From: Tim Farron MP
To: ‘Susan Mathieson’
Sent: Tuesday, 1 October 2013, 11:58
Subject: RE: lilyhall dumping

Dr. Susan Mathieson

Our Ref: Math019/5/ag
1 October 2013

Dear Sue

Thanks for your kind words and I am pleased to confirm that I have written to the
Secretaries of State at DECC and DEFRA to present the powerful evidence for the law
of Exemption to be annulled and the site to be used only for non-nuclear waste. I
will write again, when I have received his response.

With best wishes

Yours sincerely

Tim Farron MP

From:Susan Mathieson
Sent: 29 September 2013 15:14
To: tim@timfarron.co.uk
Subject: lilyhall dumping

Dear Tim

I am writing to express my appreciation that you are taking up the issue of the
dumping of radioactive waste at Lilyhall landfill site by asking that the “exempt”
law is changed to prevent legal dumping of radioactive waste into landfill sites,
and the consequent release of radioactive waste into groundwater. I believe that
the dangers of radioactive waste are being ignored at the moment because of the
greater threats posed by global warming. However, I see this as a short sighted and
irresponsible attitude that will have unknown consequences for the generations that
follow us.

I am very grateful that as an MP for Cumbria you are taking on this responsibility
on our behalf.

I was very disappointed at the cautious green light given to nuclear energy at the
Lib Dem conference, and was considering stopping my support for the party. However,
as my local MP you have restored my confidence that party politics will not stop you
from taking up the concerns of local people, and as such, while I would probably not
vote Lib Dem now if there was an option of a national vote, you will continue to
have my vote as my local MP.

My mother Dr Anne Mathieson, who has been a resident in Ambleside for many years,
and who actively supported the Lib Dems in the last elections, has asked me to voice
her concerns about Lib Dem apparent support for nuclear energy. However, I think it
is likely that given your actions to take forward our concerns about the bullying of
Cumbria into housing unacceptably risky amounts of nuclear waste, she will also
continue to give you her full support as her local MP.

Once again, many thanks for taking up this issue, and representing the interests of
Cumbrians not to be the national dumping ground for nuclear waste.

Best wishes

Dr Sue Mathieson

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