Geological Dumping – CONsultation Boycott


Geological Dumping – CONsultation Boycott by Radiation Free Lakeland

Open Letter to All Parish Councils in Cumbria

Dear Cumbrian Parish Clerk,

Radiation Free Lakeland would be very grateful if you could let your
members have sight of this letter

You will have heard that the Department of Energy and Climate Change has
brought out a new and improved CONsultation to try to trap Cumbria once
again into sacrificing our land, our environment and our people’s
livelihoods to host a geological dump for high level radioactive wastes.

Following Nirex and the ending of the MRWS process with Cumbria County
Council’s no vote, any new CONsultation regarding geological dumping
should not include Cumbria. This of course would mean that there would be
no further ‘steps towards geological disposal’ as there are no other
volunteers. Perhaps those MPs who have recently voted for new nuclear
build and new and much more dangerous wastes should be actively encouraged
by government to volunteer their own constituencies for geological
disposal? In any case Cumbria has already said No at least 3 times now.

The 84 members of the County Council have been airbrushed out of this new
‘democratic’ process alongside the hundreds of members of the Parish
Councils. The overwhelming majority of whom have said no repeatedly.
This leaves the 7 people on the executive of Allerdale and 6 people on the
Copeland executive – the wishes of less than 13 people who have voted to
proceed are being promoted against the democratic will of the Parishes and
the County.

This is a scandal and the only reason for continuing with further
CONsultations in Cumbria is in order to be seen to keep the ‘steps to
geological disposal’ going as a prerequisite for the new build agenda. In
the absence of any genuine host volunteer community the executives of
Allerdale and Copeland are obliging patsies.

Radiation Free Lakeland do not believe the ‘solution’ is geological
disposal anywhere. There is no ‘solution’ as such but an acceptance that
the waste needs to be looked after and repackaged again and again into
eternity to separate it from the environment. If the government is hell
bent on geological disposal the people of Cumbria have said no and the
search for a geological disposal site should continue elsewhere. Most
especially in the constituencies of those MPs who have voted for new
nuclear build.

Please ensure that your Parish Council lets Government know that you are
not a willing community and that this new CONsultation which ends on the
8th December is a sham.

Radiation Free Lakeland will not be responding or condoning this
outrageous CONsultation, it is in effect an abuse of human rights. We
will be meeting with Tim Farron MP on Saturday to ask him to let
government know that we are boycotting the CONsultation in protest at
Cumbria being once again in the frame. We have attached a briefing by
Nuclear Free Local Authorities which may be useful to you.

yours sincerely,

Marianne Birkby
on behalf of Radiation Free Lakeland

Allerdale Executive

Copeland Exectuvive

Nuclear Free Local Authorities New CONsultation Briefing

Rock Solid scientific review of geological disposal

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