Big Issue in the North – Filling Material

Many thanks to The Big Issue in the North who have given coverage to the BIG Issue of “radioactive releases to groundwaters” at Lillyhall ….. this should have blanket coverage in the local and national media but it is being enthusiastically suppressed.

Big Issue in the North - Lillyhall Radioactive Groundwaters

Question: What nasty rogue regime would “release radioactivity to
groundwater” near settlements?

Answer: UK government’s Environment
Agency obeying Article 35 of the Euratom Treaty.

This is not a spoof, or a send up. Our government has signed up to the
Euratom Treaty which describes in detail a plan to turn Lillyhall landfill
site into a Radioactive Waste Repository with a “controlled release of
radioactivity to groundwaters.” Our government has smoothed the way with a
change to UK law. High volumes of “low level” radioactive wastes can be
relabelled “exempt” allowing them to be dumped in landfill. The
Environment Agency has issued a permit despite the opposition of County
and Borough councils. No area is safe from becoming a nuclear waste dump
under this deregulation.

Full Letter here:

2 thoughts on “Big Issue in the North – Filling Material

  1. Jamie Wilson

    This is outrageous! How would the powers that be feel about drinking the water which was polluted? The answer is they wouldn’t, yet they are prepared to pollute one of the most beautiful places on Gods green earth! It all comes down to greed and profit, profit, profit! They are selfish, short sighted foolish morons. I want to know that my children and there children will have a future free from radioactive pollutants and am prepared to fight for what is right!

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