Radiation Free Lakeland – New Website

Radiation Free Lakeland - new website

Radiation Free Lakeland – new website

Radiation Free Lakeland now has a website..

The website is a resource and point of contact for campaigners. It is a counterpunch (punching well above our weight!) to the ongoing greenwash and distraction surrounding the most extreme energy there is. The extreme energy that is an abuse of human rights from its evil birth in nuclear testing, the displacement of millions, the leukemias, the body snatching scandal in Cumbria, the ongoing international catastrophe of Fukushima, and the “controlled release of radioactivity to groundwaters” in Cumbria. The abuse of human rights is comprehensive and would need thousands of academic reports to cover the extent, strangely the reports from academia are few and far between. Even the University of London, originators of the Extreme Energy Initiative have dumped their nuclear reactor in Cumbria.

The Radiation Free Lakeland website states:
Nuclear is a Living Nightmare! Radioactive contamination of air, sea and groundwater. Nuclear ‘energy’ needs chemicals and fossil fuel power plants during and decades after any electricity production. Radiation causes cancers and other diseases. Nuclear causes a snowball of blight now, and for generations after us.

Radiation Free Lakeland has exposed the “Decommissioning” lies that the nuclear industry is desperate to hide from view.

In order to achieve its insane goal and build new nuclear the government needs to clear the decks and decommission old nuke plants. It needs to be seen to have solved the vast waste problem. “Decommissioning” means dispersal to landfill, recycling radioactive scrap metal, ‘evaporating’ the waste into thin air and geological disposal.

There is a huge problem with this: there is no away! The only solution is to STOP NOW and CONTAIN the waste

The website will be added to with more resources, news and active campaigning

University of London Nuclear Reactor – many of the nuclear gurus of today cut their teeth on this, much of it is now under Cumbria.

Click to access queenmary230906c.pdf

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