“Lillyhall Radioactive Waste Dump” – thats what Europe says ..

Beneath the Dark Mountain, lies the Dark Secret... the earth is Unearth - and can never be unearthed.
Beneath the Dark Mountain, lies the Dark Secret… the earth is Unearth – and can never be unearthed.

“Lillyhall Radioactive Waste Dump” – thats what Europe says and our government is going along with the diabolic plan.

While the Keekle Head Inquiry has now finished and the inspector will mull over whether or not to allow radioactive waste into a new area of Cumbria, Lillyhall Landfill continues to be targeted as a nuke dump without so much as a planning application for using the landfill as a nuke dump – no need – as the radioactive waste is “exempt” under a recent deregulatory law. The plan is to dump as much as possible of decommissioned nuclear power plants into Lillyhall under the “exempt” law. Radioactive waste, rubble and soil from smashed up nuclear plants undergoing “decommissioning” i.e. dispersal are being trucked to Cumbria. If this “exempt” waste is so safe why is it being trucked hundreds of miles from Scotland and the South? Why not just put it in Scotland’s landfill? The answer is that it is NOT SAFE and NO ONE WANTS IT. The only ethical solution is to leave the nuke plants intact and not “decommission” i.e. do not disperse them into the wider environment but have them as living monuments to man’s nuclear folly with guards to look after them and research and development into keeping the waste on site contained into eternity. Decommissioning is merely a PR ruse to disperse the whole shebang of nuclear plants into landfill or deep geological dumps and then point to for example Chapelcross and say “look how sustainable nuclear power is – this land is now free from nuclear and we have planted a peace tree” meanwhile the whole shebang is festering in Cumbrian landfill with a “controlled release of radioactivity in the High Volume Very Low Level Waste to groundwaters.” And there are those in Cumbria who spread the untruth that campaigning against nuclear is an odd waste of time and effort. It is the only way to waste time and effort ..and Radiation Free Lakeland will continue to waste as much time and effort as we can!

This is EU Directorate D Nuclear Energy Radiation Protection!!

Lillyhall Very Low Level Radioactive Waste Repository (really?? thats news to us!)

“A recent Hydrogeological Risk Assessment has demonstrated that the proposed modifications to the design are sufficient for the controlled release of radioactivity in the HV-VLLW to groundwaters.
It is expected that the HV-VLLW will arrive at the Lillyhall Landfill Site in skips or tipper trucks. The waste will be covered during transport to prevent the re-suspension of dust and water ingress. Plastic liners or super sacks may be used to reduce any contamination of the transport container. The HV- VLLW will be loose-tipped to one side of the cell and non-radioactive waste will be disposed to other parts of the cell. HV VLLW is proposed to be deposited in its own dedicated cell and once complete this area will be engineered in the same manner as the dedicated asbestos cell, after which it will be covered with non-hazardous waste. There will be no intimate mixing between the radioactive and non- radioactive wastes. The waste will be tipped in such a way as to ensure that large gradients in slope do not arise, there is no slumping of the waste and the addition of a soil layer on top of the HV-VLLW is practicable”.


Please sign and share – it is not an easy message to get out..

campaigning against nuclear “an odd use of time and effort”
The Burning Question – a much hyped book promoting nuclear power as the solution to climate change – and sneerily dismissing anti-nuclear campaigners – this is smart propaganda.


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