Letter to the Keekle Head Inquiry Inspector

Letter to the Keekle Head Inspector -Dear Mr Jonathon King

Letter x 2 – to print off, cut into two letters and sign, please get your friends and family to sign and share too!

Dear Mr Jonathan King,

KEEKLE HEAD– NUCLEAR DUMP: a million cubic meters …

Councils and political leaders in Cumbria have consistently and unanimously opposed the proposal to turn a former open cast coal mine in the Lake District into the UK’s first purpose built nuclear dump site. Keekle Head is the source of the beautiful river Keekle featured recently on BBC’s Countryfile as one of the last strongholds of the critically endangered freshwater pearl mussel. The company behind the proposal, Endecom says it not possible to site a low level nuclear dump at Sellafield: “there is insufficient space on the site to construct a Very Low Level Waste Disposal Facility and.. large areas of contaminated land on the site would have to be excavated to develop a VLLW Facility”.

In other words Sellafield’s 6 mile square site is too small and way too contaminated for a low level nuclear dump. We note that Endecom have replied to Cumbria County Council’s concern about the proposed Keekle Head waste being below the watertable by saying the waste will now be above the watertable. (Endecom: Addendum Environmental Statement 2011). This is just as likely to leach into the water table. 12 lorry loads a day- over 50 years would arrive at Keekle Head via the Lake District fringe should this plan be approved. Jamie Reed pro nuclear Copeland MP has opposed the proposal saying “I understand the need for additional disposal facilities but I don’t 
believe these should be undertaken away from the existing areas – it makes
 no sense to do so” I agree and urge you to recommend refusal for this proposal.

Yours sincerely,

Once you have collected as many as possible please send them before the end of June to:
Mr Jonathon King – Keekle Head Inspector
case reference no:2187327.
C/O Mr Robert Cook, 3/02, Temple Quay House, 2
The Square, Temple Quay, Bristol, BS1 6PN

or email: enquiries@pins.gsi.gov.uk

Your own letters are best but to register the level of opposition the more letters signed and sent the better!

More info here:

and some history here:
Lillyhall and Keekle - news from 2010

The only way to stop this push to dump in landfill is for the 2007 “exempt” law to be abolished – it is difficult to get this message out that as the law stands people are reducing, reusing and recycling in order to make room for nuclear waste

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