Radioactive Waste Film blocked in the UK

Published on 25 May 2013
This documentary was shown on German and French TV but not in England. For obvious reasons the English don’t want anyone to see it. This is the English version which we hope you will mirror and call attention to. It discusses the effects of sea dumping of radioactive waste on the health of people living on the local coasts, like the Irish Sea and the Baltic Sea, which is the most radioactive sea in the world. The documentary focuses on the British sea dumping in the English Channel Hurd Deep about 12 miles north of the Channel Island of Alderney. Alderney is also subject to releases to the sea from the French Nuclear Reprocessing Plant at Cap de la La Hague 12 miles East of the small island. Prof Chris Busby who was consulted on the health effects of this marine radioactive pollution visits the island with the producers and makes measurements of contamination on the beach. Busby originally visited the island in 1998 with Jersey MP Stuart Syvret and found an excess of brain tumours and also general cancer mortality which was written up as a Green Audit paper and became part of a BBC news story at the time. They were both chased off the island.
Manfred Ladwig manages to get Dr John Cooper, head of the UK radiological protection organisation, the HPA, to admit that they balance childhood cancer cases against the advantages of cheaply disposing of nuclear waste. Cooper also agrees that his position involves a conflict of interest since he is head of HPA which takes advice on radiation protection from ICRP. Cooper is on the ICRP committee. He therefore takes advice from himself. We also hear from Prof Richard Wakeford, ex head of research for Sellafield, but now an “independent” expert, also on ICRP, who tells us the coastal child leukemias were caused by “population mixing”. How long do we have to be subject to advice from these clowns?
Prof Busby asks the youtube to kindly leave this alone since he was part of the production and has the right to upload it.

note from RaFL
This excellent film exposes the shocking lies the public are being fed right now.

The best the industry can come up with is to dilute radioactive waste with tonnes of our water: fresh and seawater:
“the solution of pollution is dilution”

Plutonium is being deliberately dumped right now into the Irish Sea from Sellafield. The reprocessing plant discharges some eight million litres of nuclear waste into the sea each day! The radioactive particles come back onto the beaches and into the air (as opposed to gaseous radioactive emissions from the plant – that is additional!)

This must stop – where is Greenpeace – they have done and are doing a fantastic and very active job elsewhere in Europe aimed at stopping nuclear madness – why not here in Cumbria?

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