Make Cumbria Safe! For starters – STOP bringing waste and reprocessing

Radioactive Particles on Cumbria's Beaches
Radioactive Particles on Cumbria’s Beaches

A new petition has gone online written by a Cumbrian councillor asking Secretary of State, Ed Davey to Make Cumbria Safe. A good start would be to stop ALL transports of waste to Sellafield and to cease churning out ever more plutonium from the reprocessing of that waste.

Please support this petition and MAKE CUMBRIA SAFE
sign and share widely – Petitions are great but won’t work on their own, they need to be backed up by action. Direct action is most effective in raising this to public consciousness. Please join the protests or if that is not to your taste, send letters to Ed Davey urging him to halt all transports of nuclear waste to Sellafield, the site is already “an intolerable risk,” and to stop all reprocessing – a practise banned in every country apart from here and France, as the waste it produces is too hot to handle, for us and for future generations.

Saturday, March 9, 2013
a 3-fold event:
*A celebratory walk to acknowledge the County Cabinet’s NO vote.
* Highlighting of the need to secure existing waste in situ at sellafield and improve storage facilities/minimise radioactive contamination of the surrounding environment
* Meet in solidarity with the people of Fukushima and marking the anniversary of the disaster

Radiation from Sellafield affects the local environment and particles from the plant cause contamination of the the surrounding area.
Testing of the beaches around the plant have identified a record number of radioactive particles.
Unlike Dounreay, the authorities in Cumbria have decided against warning signs on the beach.

In partnership with 3 Weeks to Save the Lakes, we’ll be putting some notices up on the beach. Followed by a walk to the Sellafield gates with banners to show solidarity with the Fukushima demo in London.

Meet Seascale car park for departure at 10.30 am

Fukushima Demonstration in London – Saturday 9th and Monday 11th March

Sign the Petition here – Go on…its the least you can do!

The Government must immediately commit the investment to make Sellafield safe. This is one item of expenditure that simply must not be cut back. The Government must also order the NDA to stop shipping waste into Sellafield..

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