Smear campaign against anti nuclear campaigners ramps up, while Sellafield pleads guilty to real crimes.


The House of Lords and the BBC has jumped on the bandwagon of a smear campaign against what it prosaically calls “anti nuclear campaigners” The content of the email looks like very small beer indeed for an internal message between friends which was never intended for public consumption. The email is from an anti-dump in the Lakes campaigner to other like minded people and rightly points out that councillors should be held liable for the decision whether or not to inflict a nuclear sacrifice zone on Lakeland

Baroness Verma has said ‘intimidation by anti- nuclear campaigners may be looked at by police’ This is an appalling smear campaign worthy of Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels.

Meanwhile anti-nuclear campaigners have today witnessed the real villains pleading guilty to yet more crimes against Cumbria. This time it is for sending bags of radioactive waste to Lillyhall landfill. Apparently the “trust us” Sellafield team had the gizmo which checks the radioactivity stuck at zero. The reason this happened at all is because the law allows “exempt” nuclear waste into landfill. Lillyhall landfill at Workington is receiving tonnes of “exempt” nuclear waste not only from Sellafield but from Chapelcross and other nuclear sites.

That Sellafield has been caught making such an error should send a warning to those private companies who are persuaded with lucrative contracts to take Sellafield’s “non active” dirty washing, whether that is literally, laundry, scrap metal or landfill.

Back in May 2012 Cumbria County Council voted unanimously to oppose the plan to dump low level nuclear wastes at Keekle Head. The discussion between councillors was heartfelt and unanimous in opposing the dispersal of radioactive wastes around Cumbria. Councillor Brenda Grey said it was “wrong to open up new sites and contaminate new ground. All nuclear sites should keep their own waste on site. We should lobby government to have the law changed back so it cannot go into landfill”

Unless the “exempt” law is changed, the Government’s Eric Pickles brigade could say “I believe the developers when they say its safe” and just overturn any decision to oppose “exempt” radioactive waste in landfill that local councils and communities make. Nuclear waste is “exempt” while a tyre is not – chiefly because the toxins from a tyre will leach into landfill while nuclear waste…! The nuclear industry is being dangerously deregulated in the same way as the banks – the toxic meltdown will be worse unless….

ACTION: THE COMPANY HAS APPEALED TO THE SECRETARY OF STATE AGAINST THE DECISION OF CUMBRIA COUNTY COUNCIL TO REFUSE PLANNING PERMISSION FOR A ‘WASTE management facility for the disposal of low and very low level radioactive waste including site restoration and ancillary development

PLEASE WRITE by 15th February
Urge the Inquiry to uphold Cumbria County Council’s Refusal

Keekle Head is the source of the river Keekle and is one of the most important trout and salmon migratory rivers in Cumbria and one of the last strongholds of the endangered Freshwater Pearl Mussel nationally. “The Ehen runs west through the village of Ennerdale Bridge where it is joined by Croasdale Beck (off Banna Fell) and then on to Cleator Moor and Cleator where it is joined by the River Keekle before moving southwards through Egremont and then runs parallel to the Irish Sea which it eventually joins near the Sellafield nuclear site, at the same point as the River Calder”.

Radiation Free Lakeland presentation to Development Control CCC
8th May 2012 KEEKLE HEAD & Nuclear Waste
RAdiation Free Lakeland Keekle Head 8th May presentation

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