Axe Hinkley C Call After Cumbria Decision

Southwest Against Nuclear

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Below is a press release from Stop Hinkley who have been opposing the plans for new nuclear build in Somerset. Members of Southwest Against Nuclear attended the demo in Cumbria to show solidarity in our determination to stop dangerous new nuclear build and dangerous new nuclear waste.


Axe Hinkley C call after Cumbria decision

Southwest campaigners are calling for the planned nuclear development
at Hinkley Point to be axed, following Cumbria County councils
decision not to accept a future underground waste dump in the Lake
District. Anti-nuclear activists say that without a long term
destination for it’s radioactive waste, EDF’s Hinkley C project can
only mean a permanent nuclear dump staying in West Somerset – for many
thousands of years.

The proposed “Geological Disposal Facility” (GDF) was intended to
safely store all the UK’s radioactive waste – including Somersets –
deep underground for the next 10 thousand years. Yesterday (30/1/13)
Cumbrian councillors decided by a vote of 7 to 3 to reject the
governments search for a suitable site in their county.

Cumbria had already been considered – and rejected – for a similar
project in the 1980s, but experts then pronounced the lakelands too
geologically unstable for storing the immensely hazardous radioactive
waste, which is the end-product of nuclear power. So far no other
counties have volunteered to host the permanent deep waste store,
despite offers of cash incentives from the government.

“In order to claim that the future waste from new nuclear plants can
be disposed of safely, the government and the nuclear lobby needed the
Stage 4 exploratory work to go ahead in Cumbria,” said Theo Simon, a
spokesperson for the local Stop Hinkley campaign. “In fact, David
Cameron said in 2007 that investment in new nuclear would not be
possible unless the nuclear waste issue had been dealt with.

“EDF’s planning application for Hinkley C has rested on geological
storage for its toxic spent fuel rods being available later this
century, but Cumbria was the only county in Britain that would even
consider hosting such a facility. Now the fig-leaf of the Cumbrian
promise has dropped away. The emperor has no clothes – and the EDF
has no GDF.”

Campaigners believe that the collapse of the plan will open the way to
legal challenges if EDF gets the go-ahead for Hinkley C from the
government in March this year.

“Even fish-and-chip shops in Somerset have to have a credible plan
for dealing with their waste,” said Mr Simon. “You can’t build
something as hazardous as a nuclear power station just on wishful

And he rejected statements from EDF that they will continue on the
assumption that a GDF will eventually exist. “Just because EDF
executives will be long dead when Hinkley C becomes no more than a
radioactive tip doesn’t mean that they are absolved from all personal
responsibility,” he said.



David Cameron interview extract:

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