Tomorrow – Ditch the Dump !

Nuclear Waste - is this what you want under the rainbow
Nuclear Waste – is this what you want under the rainbow

DITCH THE DUMP – DEMO outside The Courts, Carlisle Tomorrow 30th at 9am – let the County Councillors know we support their STRONG OPPOSITION to the DUMP!

We Support a NO to going any further along this toxic plan.

Bring banners – make a noise – make our presence felt – we are not a willing community!!

The Courts, English St, Carlisle (nr the station)

The meeting begins at 10am we will be there early at 9am to demonstrate our support for the Cabinet’s NO !

Also meetings at Copeland 10am and Allerdale 3pm Meetings were supposed to be on the same day at the same time so as not to influence each other. It seems Allerdale Councillors have changed the time in order to hedge their bets – if Cumbria says Yes they will go ahead and say Yes – if CUmbria says NO they will say NO : why commit political suicide if you cannot point and say “well they said yes as well” ?? A horse trading deal given to Allerdale councillors by Baroness Verma?

more info here

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