Prince Charles has been sent a 1020 signature petition by Radiation Free
Lakeland. The petition says:
*The world is being told that the UK has a solution to the nuclear waste problem.
The proposal is to bury hot radioactive waste in Lakeland’s leaky geology in a hole(s) 1000m deep by 25km square. This is called Managing Radioactive Waste Safely and there is a timetable for first burial of waste deep under Lakeland by 2029. The world is being told that a telephone poll shows Cumbrians are willing volunteers for this “solution” to the nuclear waste problem. A majority of Cumbrian Parish and Town Councils have voted NO to the Dump. We the undersigned agree and say end this process now*.

The letter goes on to urge Prince Charles to : please please “meddle”. If ever there was an issue that needed meddling in – this is it! The councils are due to make a decision on the 30th Jan as to whether to continue, if they say yes they will overturn the findings of the Nirex Inquiry and Cumbria will be stitched up into “steps towards geological disposal” like a radioactive kipper.

Full Letter and selected comments from the petition below

RAdiation Free Lakeland

The Prince of Wales
Clarence House,
SW1A 1BA 11th January 2013

Dear Prince Charles,

Geological Dumping of Nuclear Waste: Cumbria’s Poisoned Chalice?

People love the Lake District and know that your affection for this Land
of the Lakes runs deep. As Lakelanders we feel the same and that is why
in 2008 we set up a voluntary, non funded, non political group to protect
the Lake District from nuclear developments: Radiation Free Lakeland. You
may have heard about the government plan to sweep the high level nuclear
waste problem deep under the complex geology of Ennerdale, Eskdale or the
Solway or any other “most promising site” in Cumbria. The Nirex inquiry
of 16 years ago found that Cumbria’s geology was too complex to dump
intermediate level nuclear waste, this time the plan is much bigger and
for high level nuclear waste!

Those who should be sending out a rallying call and jumping up and down
about this plan are either going along with it, like the Lake District
National Park or actively complicit, like the Chair of Cumbria Tourism,
Eric Robson. When asked: ‘How can you be chairman of Cumbria Tourism
when you support the geological disposal of nuclear waste?’ Eric Robson
replied: “Because I’m convinced by the scientific arguments that
geological disposal rather than burying our heads in the sand is the best
way forward. Nuclear waste is with us. We can’t wish it away despite the
best efforts of some so-called environmentalists”.
This is bad enough but Eric is also partner in the PR company which has
blasted the local media with advertorials promoting the government plan to
dump nuclear waste within Lakeland’s geology.

Despite the government’s furious spinning to underplay the plan
increasing numbers of people from all communities and all with different
shades of nuclear tolerance from pro-nuclear to anti-nuclear are angry.
We are angry that the government is pushing ahead with the nuclear waste
geological disposal agenda despite the absence of a “willing community” or
“promising geology.” We have turned that anger into positive action to
campaign and raise awareness despite an almost universal national media
blackout, playing down and muffling of this dangerous threat to Cumbria
and its neighbours from Ireland to Norway. The more that people find out
about the plan to mine an area of Cumbria 1000 metres deep X 25km square
to be filled with high level nuclear waste, the more opposed they are to
the plan. We are saying NO and urging Sellafield to stop banking on
getting the waste out of sight and out of mind but to get their house in
order, immobilise and encapsulate the wastes and build good storage on the
6km Sellafield site as advised by the National Audit Office.
Please read some of the comments on the petition enclosed and please
please “meddle”. If ever there was an issue that needed meddling in –
this is it! The councils are due to make a decision on the 30th Jan as to
whether to continue, if they say yes they will overturn the findings of
the Nirex Inquiry and Cumbria will be stitched up into “steps towards
geological disposal” like a radioactive kipper.

There is more information and links to an increasing number of community
groups opposing the plan here:

Yours sincerely,

Marianne Birkby
On behalf of Radiation Free Lakeland

Selected Comments from the online signatures:
…Signatures in total including hard copy : 1020

5. Name: Sue Mathieson on Jun 22, 2012
Comments: The plan to dump nuclear waste under the Lake District is
dangerous and short sighted – more and more people are beginning to learn
about this plan, despite government attempts to normalise and underplay
it. Both local people and the many who enjoy the Lakes will become
increasingly vociferous in their rejection of this plan – stop it now
before more money is wasted on something that people will never allow to
happen. Geologically the Lake District is unsuitable for such a dump,
while the huge importance of the Lake District as an internationally
recognised beauty spot and tourist destination will be irrevocably

14 Name: Pat Sanchez on Jun 22, 2012
Comments: This would not be safe and I would not want to visit the Lake
District. We must keep the waste where it can be monitored until we know
how to store it safely. And the leaky Lake District will not be the safest
place to store it even then!

41 Name: Mary And Andrew Stokes on Jun 22, 2012
Comments: We do not want nuclear waste to be buried in Lakeland

57 Name: Yvonne Miller on Jun 23, 2012
Comments: Fifteen years ago the Inspector at the Nirex Inquiry said that
the geology is unsuitable. in March this year the same inspector and
technical advisor presented the geological findings to the Managing
Radioactive Waste Safely Partnership. We owe it to all those at present in
tourist related industries, farming and food related industries and those
relying on the Cumbria or Lake District Brand, plus future generations to
withdraw from any scheme to bury radioactive waste in Cumbria.

71 Name: Caroline Westgate on Jun 24, 2012
Comments: There is no such thing as the ‘safe management of radioactive
waste.’ It is fraught with risks and certainly burying it in unstable
geology adds to the danger.

126 Name: June Terry on Jul 2, 2012
Comments: you owe it to the people who live here to listen to themdo not
believe the manipulated figures by those who receive backhanders,they dont
care,inc this government clearly, and are no better than fly tippers!
cumbrian residents do not want and should not be forced to have nuclear
waste.if you have been sent this petition you will be in a position to
stop cumbria being used to dump nuclear will be the most
important thing you do in your life.please use your voice to help stop
nuclear waste being dumped on cumbrians please!!

132 Name: Bev Park on Jul 2, 2012
Comments: This beautiful part of the Country is NOT the place to build
this , and has been proven by the results from the boreholes at Longlands
Farm , Gosforth !! What about the future generations ? Or do they not
count ?, jobs over safety ! Who are these people phoning ? Perhaps they
all work in the nuclear industry !! There are many,many people that do not
work there , have any of them been phoned ? Doubt it .

145 Name: Rob Edwards on Jul 6, 2012
Comments: MRWS has proven since their appearance here in Cumbria, to be
nothing other than a mouthpiece for a desperate government in need of a
quick fix to solve a dodgy problem. If they are allowed to continue with
this warped concept that Cumbria should house this repository they will,
at some future date reap the devastating results of their mismanagement
when our landscape turns toxic. We can only hope that Cumbrians come to
their senses, and together, stop this before it reaches a point of no

151 Name: Dr.Noel G. Charlton on Jul 12, 2012
Comments: This nuclear waste ‘disposal’ proposal is evil, mad, very
dangerous and should be resisted in every way possible.

156 Name: Mrs Lynne Jones on Jul 14, 2012
Comments: This plan is a disgrace, how could anyone think of doing it to
an area of such outstanding beauty and where so many rely on tourisdm for
their livlihood? In future many may rely on the water supply from Cumbria
as weather patterns change and droughts become more common. Polluted
ground water could become a reality, we’ve seen enough nuclear accidents

168 Name: Carol And Roy Smith on Jul 15, 2012
Comments: Absolute madness, something like this had no business being
anywhere near, in or under the Lake District National Park. Hardly the
venue for a place aspiring to the status of a World Heritage Site!

194 Name: Rachel Fulcher on Jul 20, 2012
Comments: I was raised in Cumbria and went to sleep on Peter Rabbit
stories. It is appalling that our beautiful Lake District could be a
traget for such desecration. This must be stopped.

212 Name: Frances Bell on Aug 12, 2012
Comments: The rocks chosen for the landfill, volcanic ash and lavas
geologically known as the Borrowdale Volcanics, are unstable and full of
fissures and holes. The Lake District’s largest cave – “Dove’s Nest” in
southern Borrowdale- is one such, where a 90m x 30 m hole has resulted
after local Borrowdale volcanic rocks fell apart. The other notable
Lakeland hole in these strata is “Deer Bield” in Far Easedale, where
climbers and walkers have been warned to avoid it due to rock falls and
loose slabs.
216 Name: Janice Murray on Aug 20, 2012
Comments: My parents live at ParkHouse which is one of the properties
cited as being a suitable location for this dump and until Friday 15th
August they had no idea this was being planned. A relative called them to
tell them they had read it in a free local paper. Most local residents
have no idea this is going on. It is quite shocking.

240 Name: Dr Jennifer Parker on Aug 26, 2012
Comments: This is shocking and I absolutely do not want the UK to be a
dumping ground for nuclear waste, or nuclear energy.

302 Name: Edd Newcombe on Sep 8, 2012
Comments: Even though I’m in Australia, I have to disagree with this idea…

359 Name: John Birch on Sep 14, 2012
Comments: As a retired local authority Director of the Environment I am
appalled that Cumbria CC, Allerdale DC and Copeland DC are ignoring both
local feeling and scientific evidence and are even considering this
ludicrous proposal. The telephone poll is not representative and I for one
am NOT a willing volunteer.

552 Name: Sheila Sherwen on Nov 24, 2012
Comments: I live in Ennerdale, one of the favoured sites for the nuclear
waste dump. it is the most beautiful, wild and peaceful place in Britain,
part of the National Park and the National Trust. The proposal is obscene.
Our Parish Council tried to oppose the plan but was told it could not be
involved in ‘political acts’, nor could it raise or provide money. So it
is left to ordinary residents, without funds or experience, to try to
organise opposition. We are a very small community, and deprived of our
natural leaders, we feel helpless and hopeless. However we are starting a
campaign group, and need whatever help anyone can give, in expertise and
advice. This is breaking our hearts.

651 Name: Mark Ranshaw on Jan 9, 2013
Comments: This dump would be a completely inappropriate (and extremely
costly) scheme in a National Park which the British public feels very much
belongs to them. Whatever they may feel about the nuclear industry, few
would be very comfortable visiting and walking over a landscape which they
rightly or wrongly believe is polluted with an extremely dangerous
substance that will blight it for thousands of years to come.

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