Friends of the Lake District join the gang: “lets make the right noises but keep the nuke dump on track”


Friends of the Lake District have joined the Lake District National Park and Cumbria Tourism in making the right noises and playing to the increasingly angry gallery but not doing the right thing and OPPOSING the nuke dump.

Jack Ellerby Policy Officer of FoLD has just sent a letter to the Decision Making Bodies of the councils saying “Friends of the Lake District, and a growing number of other bodies and local communities, feel that you should not proceed to Stage 4.” So far so good but the letter then goes on to Recommendation 1: FLD strongly recommends further geological desk-based analysis.


FoLD did not strongly recommend further analysis of the zip wire proposal – they opposed and campaigned against the zip wire from the off.

The zip wire is a flea bite compared to even the above ground sprawl necessary for what would be a mega mine filled with high level waste.


What FoLD have recommended is to keep the door open on this insane plan while seeming to say the right thing. Nuke dump by stealth.

Honister Zip Wire Update – The Most Controversial Planning Application In Years

Letter to DMB Councillors – 18.1.13

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