Next Saturday 19th Jan campaigners from Bowness to Silloth will ramp up
opposition to the government plan for a nuke dump under Cumbria.
Government are trying to bribe with “huge opportunities” communities
willing to live above the world’s most dangerous and largest high level
nuclear waste dump. Cumbrians are asking: where is the 25km+ square “willing community” ?

Cumbrians and those who love the Lakes are invited to come along and join
in the Demonstration! Bring banners, homemade are good! Dress to show
opposition (Peter Rabbit is welcome) or just bring yourselves to show that

There will be street theatre and art events. Help make a giant postcard to
present to the Cabinet of Cumbria County Council and come along to make
your voice heard.

To the Leader of Cumbria County Council
Dear Eddie Martin,
Geological Dumping of Nuclear Waste
On 30th January you are going to take the most important decision of any
Cumbria County Council Leader before you. Your decision will speak for the
whole of Cumbria, which has been misrepresented as a “willing community.”
To say ‘yes’ would mean unquantifiable damage to the ‘brand’ of Cumbria.
The real cost, however, would be psychological and physical trauma through
countless generations, as Cumbria would be increasingly and irreversibly
Say NO – end this mad plan now. Then all money and expertise can go into
ensuring the existing wastes are looked after safely on the 6km Sellafield
site rather than expanding and increasing the danger to ever more waste
over a much increased area.

JOIN THE DEMO IN BOWNESS 10am till 12 …meet at Bowness Bay

KESWICK – campaigners will be out and about leafleting, and collecting
signatures for the giant postcard

SILLOTH on the evening of 19th Jan a gig organised by Solway Plain
Against the Nuclear Dump featuring the brilliant song featured on Radio 4
: ‘Other Road to Hell’

IF you cannot get to these events, stage your own event to show opposition to the government plan to dump nuclear waste under Cumbria, there is no monopoly on campaigning….just do it!!


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