“Let us get on with our work” say Sellafield Workers Campaign

“Let us get on with our work”

letter in this weeks Westmorland Gazette by the Sellafield Workers Campaign.

The gazette reports that protests against ‘the nuclear dump’ are being stepped up, and outlines the two steps being taken. (Gazette, Dec 20th ‘Nuclear Dump Protest Stepped Up’). The first involves a former monkey puzzle tree, which has somehow been born again as a ‘nuclear forest’. While we bow to no-one in our admiration for Chile’s national tree, we admit our failure to understand its relevance to the West Cumbrian nuclear industry.
The second step involves a ‘survey’ of tourists to the Lake District, and both Radiation Free Lakeland and Friends of the Earth report that tourists don’t want a nuclear repository ‘under’ the Lake District.
Well, that’s probably true. Those same tourists don’t want windmills either. But thanks to Friends of the Earth and renewable zealots like RFL, the tourists have got huge turbines in vast numbers, sited in beautiful landscapes whether they want them or not.
The tourists seem to keep touring, though, and we expect they will do so for a long time to come.
But while mass tourism may be the key economic driver for Lakeland, it is not for West Cumbria. We have been a heavy industrial community for as long as heavy industry has been around – which by the way is longer than mass tourism has been around.
Iron ore, coal and now nuclear – that is our history. Given the world’s need for low-carbon energy – something which should attract any Friend of the Earth -we believe nuclear has a long future too.
We have been working away at Sellafield since shortly after the Second World War. Back then, mass tourism hardly existed. So throughout the time of your key industry’s growth, we have been here, working. We want to get with our work, quietly.
We want to dispose of our wastes differently than coal and gas and oil; we don’t want to use the planet’s atmosphere as our waste dump, causing climate change and – quite probably -serious flooding all over our country and our county.
As long as we meet the environmental and safety regulations, and the laws of the land, we have a right to get on with our own business. let us live in peace.

Steve Nicholson
Communications Secretary
sellafield Workers Campaign

Nuclear Forests

Sellafield Workers Campaign

One thought on ““Let us get on with our work” say Sellafield Workers Campaign

  1. This is a heartfelt letter reflecting the great insecurity felt by the workers at Sellafield. The nuclear dream turns so easily into the nuclear nightmare and they are always the first to suffer. And yet they feel so threatened by any opposition to their masters’ plans. Think again. How many people does it take to watch over a sealed hole in the ground? And how many to properly oversee and monitor the particular and appropriate storage facilities for the waste above ground?

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