Is Dr Jeremy Dearlove the only person in Ennerdale to want a nuclear dump under his home?


During the government quango MRWS (Managing Radioactive Waste Safely) drop in sessions earlier this year Dr Jeremy Dearlove coerced the unsuspecting public with reassurances that a
nuclear ‘repository’ would be so safe he would be happy to have it under
his home. Dr Dearlove is thought to live in Ennerdale.

The public is now more informed and Dr Dearlove must the be the ONLY person in Ennerdale to think that a nuclear waste dump under your house is a good idea. There was a packed public meeting on Monday and following that a 38 degrees campaign request which has already got almost 200 signatures (38 degrees is the geothermal heat at 1000 metres deep)

The campaign request can be signed here:

Letter to Tim Farron February 2012

2 thoughts on “Is Dr Jeremy Dearlove the only person in Ennerdale to want a nuclear dump under his home?

  1. Radio 4 this morning (13th December) had an interviewee claiming that the cost of electricity from nuclear power was 1/6 the price from other sources and therefore must be chosen. Yep – maybe the price per unit is low on a day to day basis, , but you have to build the reactors plus a huge desalination plant and pipe to supply water (and dispose of the water afterwards if the Irish won’t let it go back into the sea); store the waste and then build and stock the repository. Then decommission the reactors. then no-one yet has the faintest idea how much it is going to cost to pack high level waste in copper and concrete in a repository, plus to divert all drainage from the area of the repository exit waters – into the sea one presumes. Has anyone done thte arithmetic for the cost of Sellafield electricity per unit if one includes the decommissioning plus the repository for its waste?

    1. You’ve Put it really well …..the real cost hasnt been calculated because it is unquantifiable both in £s for resources not to mention health and environment costs. it is a big black hole of toxic deficit whatever way you look at it and you know what they say ..when you’re in a hole Stop Digging..

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