Other Side of The Lakes – A Nuclear Dump?

Other Side of the Lakes
Other Side of the Lakes

Why are the movers and shakers in Cumbria still faffing about trying to please government by going along with this insane plan for a nuclear dump ?

Letter below to West Cumbria Tourism

Dear West Cumbria Tourism,

As a wildlife artist I agree wholeheartedly with your marketing team that the Western Lake District is a magical place. It is of desperate concern that Cumbria Tourism is therefore going along with the Government plan to push for a geological nuclear dump in this area of complex and wonderfully diverse geology.

The very thing that makes the Western Lakes unique, complex geology, is also what should have set immediate alarm bells ringing and galvanised West Cumbria Tourism into strongly opposing the planned nuclear dump.

Following Tim Farron MP’s question and the responses in Parliament last week (see below) Cumbrians can no longer be under any illusion that this proposal is linked to new build and that the government is desperately keen for the nuclear dump to happen. I am not alone in increasingly feeling that our only chance of resisting the government agenda is for the movers and shakers such as Cumbria Tourism to start vehemently opposing the plan rather than faffing about trying to please government and going along with it.

Yours sincerely, Marianne Birkby Wildlife Artist



Energy and Climate Change Oral Questions 1 Nov 2012 : Column 356 Tim Farron (Westmorland and Lonsdale) (LD):

Does my right hon. Friend share my concern that the new nuclear build for the west coast of Cumbria seems to be tied to the storage of nuclear waste at the site? Given the recent earth tremors in west Cumbria, one of which reached nearly 4 on the Richter scale a year or so ago, does he not agree that that would be the worst geological site in the UK on which to store nuclear waste?

Mr Davey: I have to say to my hon. Friend that that is certainly not what our scientists and analysts are saying. I know that there is a debate about the geological disposal facility in west Cumbria, but I am reassured that the local authorities are going about the decision on whether to host such a GDF in a sensible and authoritative way, and I am sure that they will support the proposal, which is an important step forward for new nuclear.

1 Nov 2012 : Column 371 John Robertson: I thank the right hon. Gentleman for his short answer. He knows of my great support for nuclear energy and that I would like it to help to reduce our carbon emissions, but we have to respect the public’s concern about radioactive waste. What does he plan to do to ease people’s concerns in the realm of waste?

Mr Davey: I am grateful for the hon. Gentleman’s question. He will know that we have made it clear that new nuclear investors need to be responsible for the decommissioning costs and disposal of their waste. That is part of the deal—they must meet those financial obligations. In addition, as I said earlier to my hon. Friend the Member for Westmorland and Lonsdale (Tim Farron), we are working with a number of communities, particularly in west Cumbria, on a geological disposal facility.

One thought on “Other Side of The Lakes – A Nuclear Dump?

  1. frances bell

    Yes – the private sector may well accept its responsibility for dealing with nuclear decommissioning and waste containment – on paper; now. But what happens when they don’t have the money – we’re talking possibly hundreds of billions. Would the government not intervene if a Japanese-type emergency arose? How can a company promise that 25 years on it will have the spare money? What would the government do if the private company just handed over the keys and walked away?

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