Packed Silloth Meeting Opposes Dump

Silloth Buzz
Silloth Buzz

Radiation Free Lakeland have just heard on the grapevine that last nights meeting in Silloth was packed with people angry that their land, and livelihoods are under threat from the proposed nukiller dump.

We are told that there were about 100 chairs out (expecting 50-100) and an estimated 220-250 of all ages turned up. More than half were standing or sitting on the floor, even queuing out of the door, and they were an ultra-receptive audience to the presentation by Steven Quas who gave an overview of the MRWS process and the geological findings of Professors David Smythe and Stuart Hazseldine. Residents also gave presentations on
impacts on the community, voluntarism and lack of democracy and what to do next to stop the juggernaught.

By chance, Tony Markley, Cumbrian Councillor and Cabinet member was in the bar for a Rotary meeting and he bravely, or perhaps stupidly, agreed to come in at the end and answer questions. The audience were absolutely livid and really tore into him. He denied the rumour that he is selling up and moving out and said that he could hear the
message that he was getting and was listening. He also said that he was unable to say how he would vote as that would invalidate his vote. It is becoming clear that local politicians will have to vote NO to this insane plan unless they want to become pariahs.

The local community paper the Solway Buzz

Councillor Tony Markley and the Gravy Train – he isn’t alone ..there is widespread grooming of councillors to be flattered into accepting what is unacceptable to ordinary sane people.
…just the tip of the iceberg of Nuclear Lunches at taxpayer’s expense

11.6.08 – Nuclear Decommissioning Agency – dinner, Ennerdale Hotel, Cleator
17.7.08 – Sellafield – dinner, Lyzzick Hall, Keswick
2.8.08 – LLUR Drigg – concert and dinner, Recreation Ground, Whitehaven
6.8.08 – Birse Aggregates – dinner, Trout Hotel, Cockermouth
23.10.08 – Amey, Bedford – pre drinks and dinner
22.1.09 – Sellafield Ltd – complimentary dinner, Washington Central, Workington
11.6.09 – Commission for Rural Communities – Dinner, Crown Hotel, Wetheral
25.6.09 – Bardon Aggregates, Frizington – pre meal drinks, dinner, Trout Hotel,
1.7.09 – Nuclear Institute, London – dinner and drinks, LGA conference, Harrogate
7.7.09 – Invest in Cumbria – dinner and drinks, Lyzzick Hall, Keswick
27.7.09 – NDA Sellafield – dinner with Lord Hunt (Energy Minister), Sella Park Hotel,
10.9.09 – Barrow Regeneration Board – dinner and accommodation, Abbey House Hotel
18.9.09 – Commonwealth Games (Ultra Running) – dinner
29.9.09 – Eden & South Lakeland DC Board Dinner, Low Wood Hotel, Windermere
20.10.09 – Story Construction, Carlisle – dinner and drinks, Davids Restaurant, Carlisle
21.10.09 – TATA, Penrith – dinner, drinks, B&B, Storrs Hall, Windermere
22.10.09 – CNN/IIC Awards – dinner and drinks, Rheged, Penrith
10.11.09 – Defra, London – Seminar NEC Birmingham, dinner B&B, Hilton, Birmingham
11.2.10 – Amey – dinner at Davids, Carlisle
23.2.10 – Barrow Regeneration – dinner, Abbey House
21.10.10 -Invest in Cumbria – dinner and presentation awards at Rheged.
28.10.10 – Bardon Aggregates (Energy Coast Cluster) – dinner energy coast cluster awards
at Energus
12.11.10 – Invest in Cumbria – dinner, Ennerdale Hotel
16.11.10 – Invest in Cumbria, Lakes College (Rob Rimmer) – evening reception
17.11.10 – Energus Award Dinner
3.2.11 – Invest in Cumbria – dinner and accommodation
25.3.11 – NMP Sellafield – accommodation and dinner at High Sheriffs dinner, Muncaster

One thought on “Packed Silloth Meeting Opposes Dump

  1. Grant Welch

    Marian Yes a really good meeting – but I heard a few older locals afterwards saying nothing can be done about it!! I have forwarded your e-mail to my contacts in Silloth. Keep up this good work.

    Date: Thu, 4 Oct 2012 21:21:02 +0000 To:

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