NO is the Wrong Answer! The Stench of Nuclear Corruption

Cumbria County Council’s Cabinet was looking likely to honour the wishes of the overwhelming majority of the County Council’s councillors and their constituents and say NO to the Nukiller Dump. This would have been an end to the insane plan to dump high level nuclear wastes in a big mine under West Cumbria/Lake District.

Following the meeting in London with Baroness Verma (Secretary of State responsible for geological implementation!) and the three council leaders at which who knows what nasty deals were brokered, the decision has now been kicked into the long grass for three months. No doubt the new marketing consortium, a host of PR firms that the government is setting up will swing into action spending yet more taxpayer £millions on “more than easing the concerns of communities.”

The stench of nuclear corruption rises.

How many times will communities have to say NO?

3 Month Delay

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