Hawkshead – ‘Beatrix Potter and ‘Peter Rabbit’ Oppose Nukiller Dump

HAWKSHEAD – ‘Beatrix Potter’ and ‘Peter Rabbit’ oppose the Nuclear Dump
Contact: Radiation Free Lakeland 015395 63671 rafl@mariannebirkby.plus.com

Last Saturday, tourists sauntering around Hawkshead – the prettiest village in the Lake District, were surprised to see three eared rabbits in biohazard suits with Beatrix Potter . The reason for the stunt was the launch of a petition opposing the geological dumping of nuclear wastes in the Lake District . Peter Rabbit has of course been here before, in the 1990’s when there was a plan to dump intermediate level nuclear waste under Cumbria . In the late 90’s the famous rabbit, courtesy of South Lakeland anti nuclear campaigners demonstrated outside the National Trust offices. Back then The National Trust, The Lake District National Park Authority, Cumbria County Council and others all successfully opposed the NIREX plan which would have seen a geological dump in the Gosforth area . What has changed since then is that the introduction of “volunteerism” and “compensation ,” the fact that the wastes are much more dangerous and that there is a government agenda for new build and new wastes . The three eared rabbits are a Simpsonesque representation of Peter Rabbit’s descendants should Cumbria be led up the garden path to geological dumping of nuclear wastes .

As well as the petition, campaigners were asking visitors and residents of the Lakeland village to send letters to Hawkshead Parish Council. Around 70 people signed letters in just over 1 and half hours, while the petition now has over 200 signatures.

A spokesperson for Radiation Free Lakeland said: “ Many local people, shopkeepers in Hawkshead had not heard of the plan and were appalled that Cumbria and land directly under the National Park should be targeted for a geological nuclear dump, also visitors from Australia said they were delighted that the very same plan for geological dumping had been thrown out of their country, but were disgusted that Cumbria should now be in the frame for becoming a nuclear sacrifice zone, complete with percolating radioactive gases ”.

The petition can also be signed online here:


for more information please contact: rafl@mariannebirkby.plus.com

Letter to Hawkshead Parish Council

Dear Hawkshead Parish Council.

There are proposals to bury hot nuclear wastes under Cumbria in a mine deeper than Scafell and 26km square.

“Emplacement of hot wastes will force rock to expand, with the strong probability that new fractures will be created. The fractures can allow radioactive gas to rapidly leak to the surface. Land users and housing at the land surface will be uplifted.”
Professor Stuart Haszeldine

Please join those town and parish councils who have already sent a strong message to government that they will not be bribed into accepting the unacceptable and have voted no to going any further on with this plan. Please ensure your voice is heard in Westminster.

Yours sincerely,


Beatrix Potter Society

‘Beatrix Potter’ against Cumbria nuclear dump

Nirex Inquiry

Appeal by Nirex

Compensation in Radioactive Waste Management: Ethical issues in the treatment of host communities – a paper for Nirex by Kate Rawles

“The waste that would go into a repository is higher activity radioactive waste includes high level waste, intermediate level waste and some low level waste (with a long half-life) that cannot be sent to the Low Level Waste Repository near Drigg in Cumbria”. MRWS

New nuclear near Sellafield – Moorcide

Blinky – three eyed fish

Peter Rabbit

“The lifespans of the wild things might be shortened a bit, but the animals wouldn’t know, or care. Natural selection would take care of the mutations. Life would go on”. James Lovelock on nuclear dumping in the Amazon

Environment Agency 2008 report – Gas generation and migration from a deep geological repository for radioactive waste (does not include high level wastes!)

2 thoughts on “Hawkshead – ‘Beatrix Potter and ‘Peter Rabbit’ Oppose Nukiller Dump

  1. Stephen Burchell

    Hi I notice from my Google ‘anti wind farm’ alerts that you’re very concerned about nuclear power and waste in your area. That’s fair enough,it’s your opinion and you’re entitled to it. However the article went on to say that because you were anti nuclear you were pro wind. I hope you don’t mind if I make a couple of quick points. Nuclear power and wind power are completely different energy genereators. Nuclear(whether you approve or not) provides base load. i.e. it generates power 24/7 for industry and domestic use. Wind cannot ever be a base load generator for obvious reasons,it is intermittent,unpredictable and unreliable. Therefore nuclear power cannot be replaced by wind,no matter how many turbines you build. Do you really want the beautiful Lake District destroyed by hundreds of 125m tall turbines,generating virtually no electricity but generating an awful lot of subsidy for large landowners?
    I hope you don’t mind me contacting you out of the blue but many anti-nuclear people think wind power is a genuine alternative,but it isn’t.

    Best wishes
    Stephen Burchell
    Upper Minnygap Farm
    St Anns

    1. Hi Stephen,

      thanks for your message. Yes I do love the Lakes and if you walk to the top of Coniston Old Man and squint you can just about see turbines from the top – hurrah! There used to be a lot more windmills in the Lake District. What stand out like sore thumbs though are Sellafield and Heysham. Sellafield hasn’t produced any electricity since 2003 and Heysham is offline for months at a time.

      Base load is so last century


      Whatever you think about renewables, lets make sure that the Lakes landscape does not become toxic and our water trashed.

      Best wishes


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