Following a public outcry, tonight Keswick Town Council has voted 9 to 3 to say NO to going any further along in the plan for a nuclear dump. At a previous meeting Town Councillors had voted 6-5 on the casting vote of Chairman and Mayor Councillor Andrew Lysser not to oppose the plan.

This new vote reflects the strong public opposition to a geological dump in the vicinity of Keswick and the wider area. The objectors, who pointed out that the potential jobs boost had been exaggerated and the irreversible risks underplayed were prepared to call for a referendum if the Council had refused to reconsider the issue.

The national press has been reporting support for a nuclear dump – this LIE is becoming harder to promote with the majority of Parish Councils opposing the government plan to dump high level nuclear wastes under Cumbria.

The news yesterday that Shepway council in Kent has belatedly “expressed an interest” in a geological nuclear dump smacks of some dodgy manipulated sales technique designed on the nod by the Department of Energy and Climate Change to galvanise what must be increasingly cold feet amongst Cumbria’s ‘Decision Making Bodies’ due to make a ‘Decision to Participate’ in the ‘desk based’ search for a site here in Cumbria.

Support KESWICK and Kent in saying No and urge government to
a)stop making more nuclear waste
b)package and store the wastes where they can be kept dry and prevented from corroding whilst more research is done.

The contrast between the political leaders in Kent’s already strong opposition and the nonchalance of Cumbrian leaders is embarrassing. More Power to the Cumbrian Parishes!

Parishes in Cumbria who have voted NO are in Red
Those who have voted YES are in Green
Undecided – Lilac

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