Professor Stuart Haszeldine on Sweeping Democracy along with Nuke Waste Under the Carpet

Ceramic Plate by Alvin Irving
Ceramic Plate by Alvin Irving
Nuclear waste is a problem – dangerous and long-lived, it needs geologically “secure” sites to be laid, one hopes, to rest. But in the UK, the government finds it more convenient to shoe-horn it in to geologically delicate areas under a carefully managed sham of local democracy. The national public good is being obscured by the narrowest of interests, to the potential grave danger of future generations

Stuart Haszeldine is Professor of Sedimentary Geology at the University of Edinburgh. He has been a government advisor on many energy policy issues. His current research interests include Carbon Capture and Storage technologies as well as radioactive waste disposal methods.

His analysis ……

IMAGE: Politcally savvy ceramic plate by Alvin Irving can be seen at Rock Solid? Expo – until June 16th

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