The Lake District ‘Brand’ disowns West Cumbria in a fit of nuclear madness.

Tours through Lakeland 1900 - Seascale
Tours through Lakeland 1900 - Seascale
Tours through Lakeland

The Lake District National Park Authority has given the complicit thumbs up to the plan for a geological nuclear dump. They are happy to go to the next toxic step and their concerns are not with radioactive pollution but with polluting the ‘brand’ of the Lake District. West Cumbria is effectively disowned:

“We welcome the additional research on Brand Protection and await the outcomes of the research. This will hopefully build on the perception research undertaken by GVA Consultants which highlighted concerns amongst visitors to the Lake District National Park and Cumbria in general.
It remains a concern that significant media interest highlights the potential location of the geological disposal facility in the ‘Lake District’ rather than ‘West Cumbria’. As a result of the association of a geological disposal facility and the Lake District we remain very concerned that there may be a direct impact on businesses operating within and trading off the brand of the Lake District.”

The Lake District National Park Authority’s insistence that ‘West Cumbria’ is an entirely different geographical area to the ‘Lake District’ is an entirely artificial construct which has come about as a direct result of the ruinous nuclear industry. The parish of Gosforth lies within the National Park or hadn’t the LDNPA noticed? Before the arrival of the nuclear bomb making factory which later became Sellafield, Seascale and West Cumbria was an integral and much loved part of the Lake District or Greater Lakeland as this Furness Railway Tourist Guide from the 1900’s indicates:

Seascale – “the air is magnificent and its bracing and invigorating qualities are unequalled on the West Coast…..
There is one objection to Seascale as a holiday resort. The mixture of sea and mountain air creates an appetite that taxes the resources of a man of moderate means to allay. Some people perhaps, would regard this as a recommendation, since it is a sign of vigourous health. There are people who tire of attempting to discover the secret of what the ‘sad sea waves are saying.’ To such we recommend Seascale, for a walk or a drive inland speedily brings them into the wildest and romantic scenery that England can boast….Not that the waves at Seascale reveal much of sadness. They are rather frisky…even at times passionate..”

Lord Clark is chair of the LDNPA partnership and a director of Sellafield (paid for by the taxpayer). Any passion within the National Park Authority to protect Cumbria has gone with the toxic wind of nuclear complicity.

No matter how many taxpayer £millions are poured into a “Brand Protection Strategy” the only way to protect the ‘Lake District Brand’ is to say no to nuclear developments, everything else is rearranging the branded deck chairs on the Titanic.

Lake District National Park Authority’s thumbs up here:

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