Scafell Walk

Yesterday Radiation Free Lakeland invited Cumbrian councillors to join a
walk up England’s highest mountain to experience the scale of the proposed
geological nuclear dump, up to 1000m deep. Councillors sent apologies at not being
able to walk that far – many sent best wishes for the walk.

On the same day there were events by different groups who came
together in spirit to reflect in different ways on the first anniversary of the Fukushima
nuclear accident, which has resulted in permanent blight and dispossession
of a huge swathe of northern Japan. Here in the UK events took place at
Heysham in Lancashire, Hinkley in Somerset, Wylfa in Anglesey
and Scafell in Cumbria.

On the top of Scafell Pike people were astonished that there is a plan to
dump high level nuclear wastes deep under Lakeland geology
Through the ‘Partnership’ the government is holding
a consultation until March 23rd on
whether Cumbria should continue on ‘steps towards geological disposal.’
Given the government need to have ‘solved’ the waste problem in order to
press ahead with new build this is equivalent to the wolf consulting the
sheep on what they would like for dinner.

A letter can be written to the CONsultation
there is a quick guide/sample letter here
or look up the Save Our Lake District sample letter here

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