Lamb Deformities caused by Midge Virus? Or ….. cumulative radiation …. anyone asking?

” Whole-body doses of gamma radiation administered to ewes between days 22 and 25 of gestation produced deformities of the thoracic limbs in their lambs (8). Exposure of ewes to radiation between days 23 and 27 caused a high occurrence of defective pelvic limbs in their lambs (8). Prognathia and palatoschisis resulted when ewes were irradiated at days 24 and 27 of gestation (8).
The diprosopus abnormality, characterized by the presence of 2 faces with a single head on a single trunk, is one of the rarest craniofacial malformations. A broad spectrum of abnormalities has been described in the literature, with malformations ranging from partial duplication of specific structures, such as the nose, eyes, or mouth, to complete facial duplication. Facial duplication has been associated with other congenital abnormalities, including cleft lip and palate (9), and cardiac defects, particularly ventricular septal defects (10). Embryonic duplications are of importance, because they are usually associated with dystocia and reproductive loss. Although duplications always arouse interest, there is little information available as to their cause”.

Radiation Risks from Fukushima no longer negligible


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One thought on “Lamb Deformities caused by Midge Virus? Or ….. cumulative radiation …. anyone asking?

  1. I have the same suspicions about ewe/lamb deformities. It would help if the Food Standards Agency could run the same tests they use to disqualify Welsh Chernobyl affected sheep on the lambs now being born to Somerset sheep herds raised within the fallout zone of Hinkley Point. The South West Public Health Observatory has recorded rocketing levels of human perinatal mortality following the 2006 installation of vents into the roofs of the two Hinkley Point defueled Magnox reactors. Levels of tritium and Caesium 137 also doubled between 2004 and 2008. Original claims that leukaemia was the result of viral infection have been shown to be incorrect; this latest suggestion of a new, midge transported virus beggars belief.

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