Former Chief Scientific Advisor to Government questions ‘voluntarist’ approach to Nuke Dump in Leaky Cumbria

In a letter to new DECC minister Ed Davey Environment Group member of Cumbria Churches Together, Sir Martin Holdgate has said ‘While community acceptance of any possible repository site is of course desirable, the imperative is its environmental suitability for thousands of years to come. A bad site remains a bad site even if it currently has a willing community, while a good site will be safe effectively forever, whoever lives on top of it. We hope that you will take full responsibility for this vital issue back to where it properly resides, in Central Government, and not leave it unfairly on the shoulders of the local authorities of Cumbria.’

Sir Martin Holdgate has served as chief environment scientist and chief scientific adviser to the UK Government, chairman of the UK Energy Advisory Panel, director general of the World Conservation Union and president of the Zoological Society. Sir Martin now lives in retirement in Cumbria and is a member of the Environment Group of Churches Together in Cumbria.

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