Seaton Parish Council says No to Nuclear Dump

‘Trust Us’

The parish council of “One of the largest villages in England” voted unanimously* last night to reject continuing on any further steps to a geological dump 1000 metres deep x 26 km square. Seaton joins Cockermouth Town Council and Above Derwent Parish Council in emphatically rejecting the government’s orchestrated campaign to turn Cumbria into a nuclear sacrifice zone.

*two Allerdale Borough Councillors abstained so as not to prejudice a future Borough Council vote on this issue. Top of the pile movers and shakers in Cumbria have no such qualms about conflicts of interests with Lord Clark in the position of Lake District National Park Partnership Chairman whilst in receipt of monies from his non executive directorship of Sellafield.

Seaton is a civil parish and one of the largest villages in England,housing 4,861 people.Historically a part of Cumberland, it is situated next to the town of Workington and the village of Camerton along the River Derwent and dates back at least to Medieval times. It forms part of the Borough of Allerdale.

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