Above Derwent Parish Council Says NO to Nuclear Dump


Adopted Position of Above Derwent Parish Council by unanimous resolution no. 245-11/12
15th February 2012

We believe that “West Cumbria” should now withdraw from the MRWS process because:
 We have no confidence in the Right of Withdrawal
 We are convinced by the argument that nowhere in Cumbria has suitable
 We believe that it is a waste of time and money to continue the process in
Cumbria when there are other, more promising, areas in England
 Continuing the process puts part of the National Park and its tourist and
agricultural businesses at risk
 We consider that the potential economic benefits to Cumbria do not justify
searching for a site in unsuitable geology or spoiling part of a national park
 We have concerns that Government’s aspiration to accelerate the MRWS
process will lead to corner-cutting
 We have concerns about safety, particularly gas emissions
 There is insufficient information about additional waste and the inherent
increased risk
 Far too little information is available on impacts for the community to make
a meaningful Decision to Participate.

Above Derwent Adopted Position on MRWS Feb 2012

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