Cockermouth, Birthplace of Wordsworth says NO to Nuclear Dump

William Wordsworth

“There’s joy in the mountains, there’s life in the fountains”

In friday’s Times and Star on page 7 there is an unobtrusive item tucked in the Cockermouth Town Council Notices. Item number 11 is sandwiched in-between “pot hole repairs” and “permission to use memorial gardens.” Former Allerdale Borough Councillor and Seaton Parish Councillor Joe Sandwith describes it as “The most important decision Cockermouth Town Council has ever made or is ever likely to make.” Item number 11 in the Town Council notices describes “Cockermouth Town Council voted against going to the next stage of consultation for an underground radioactive waste repository in West Cumbria.”

The irony is of course that only the “Decision Making Bodies” of Allerdale and Copeland Borough Council and Cumbria County Council will be given the right of veto. Cumbria County Councillors in 2008 were furious that they were not allowed to vote on the initial “expression of interest” which was swept in by a handful of people on the “Decision Making Body.”

It matters hugely that Cockermouth Town Council has said No to going to the next stage on the ‘steps towards geological disposal’ and other town and parish councils will follow their lead. The so called Decision Making Bodies have no moral mandate as was pointed out by Cumbria County Councillors back in 2008.

Field Notes 20th Nov 2008 Cumbria County Council’s “expression of interest”

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