Note to Cumbria Cabinet – Earthquakes and Huge Tunnel Boring Machines

Summary of Radiation Free Lakeland presentation to Cumbria County Council Cabinet meeting on 15th Sept

1. 2029 is DECC’s date for the first wastes to be put in dump – only 15
years away – it would take over a decade to mine – the Channel Tunnel took
around 10 years and that was not to the 1000m depths that this would be.

2. 50ft high huge earth boring machines

3. Seismic shock waves would be triggered in this area – increasing
earthquake risk

4. The small Barrow earthquake of 1865 was made much worse by something called liquefaction. This is when water shoots up from deep within the earth and causes a sinking sand effect. This is what happened in Christchurch New Zealand and caused such devastation.
Barrow in Furnesss is the ONLY known liquefaction event in the UK

5. With such a legacy of high level radioactive wastes in West Cumbia any
possibility of increasing the risk of earthquakes by mining an area deeper than scafell is high
and 25 km square is insanity.

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