“Willing Community?” Unanimous NO in Threlkeld

Threlkeld (east of Keswick) has joined Seaton and Above Derwent Parish Councils and Cockermouth Town Council in voicing an emphatic NO to taking any further steps towards a geological dump of high level nuclear wastes. This mounting opposition to a geological dump scuppers the illusion of a “willing community” in Cumbria.

Full Response Below:

Managing Radioactive Waste Safely Consultation-Parish Council Response
Copeland Borough Council, Allerdale Borough Council, and Cumbria County Council made an expression of interest in talking to government about siting a repository in West Cumbria.

THRELKELD PARISH COUNCIL response to the MRWS consultation

As a Parish Council whether we agree or disagree with using nuclear power as a source of energy is not the point – the issue is that in this country we have radioactive waste that needs to be stored safely. Copeland, Allerdale and CCC may believe that ‘volunteering’ may secure jobs for their constituents but their safety, our safety, the safety of our children and our future generations should be their first priority.
In Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, Canada, France and Belgium suitable geological sites have been found BEFORE communities have volunteered .The Lake District has complex geology with fault lines prone to movement. We also do have earthquakes – the last in December 2010 was 3.5 on the Richter Scale. Several well respected local geologists have already drawn attention to the Lake District ‘being geologically unstable for high level radioactive waste’. Existing international waste repositories are on flat land for two simple reasons they have simple stable geology and minimal groundwater problems. Everyone in Threlkeld knows that underground and overground water is prone to change on a regular basis – can our colleagues in Copeland and Allerdale predict or model this for the next 100 years or the next 1000?
As a Parish Council we would also be concerned about safety on the A66 during construction and excavation of the massive site. It is already a dangerous road and should this project go ahead, how long before an accident and radiation spillage at the Threlked Quarry junction?
As a Parish Council we watched a DVD produced by MRWS and this raised more questions than answers. You can view this on the website. The impact on safety, security and tourism raises more questions and answers. We find it difficult to comprehend why Allerdale and Copeland are going down the ‘volunteer’ route before a full scientific investigation. We unanimously agreed that the authorities should withdraw from this process.

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