New Year, New Friends? OR Complicit Silence?

The New Year sort out of cupboards has unearthed an interesting find.  It is the Spring 1997 issue of the FRIENDS OF THE LAKE DISTRICT newsletter.  FLD has “much cause for celebration.  We could not have hoped for better news and the decision has been greeted with delight by local people, local authorities and environmental groups alike”.  In 1997 FLD celebrate their strong and active opposition to the Nirex proposal that would lead to an underground dump for intermediate level nuclear wastes in West Cumbria. Friends of the Lake District 1997

This contrasts with mute acceptance and advertising of the present charade of a consultation with the aim of dumping high level wastes under the guise of “Managing Radioactive Wastes Safely.”

Maybe the FLD will ‘swing into action’ at some point in the future? The time for action is now – before the government sink ever more taxpayer millions into making this titanic dump too big to fail.

Please write to Friends of the Lake District and urge them to at least take the same active opposing stance that they did to the lower level and much smaller waste dump that they successfully opposed in the 90’s. Without that opposition there would already be a big hole filled with nuclear wastes in the ground in the Eskdale area NOW! The government will continue doggedly on ‘steps towards geological disposal’ and if there is no opposition ……

Write to:
Executive Director: Andrew Forsyth
Friends of the Lake District
Murley Moss,
Oxenholme Road,
Kendal, Cumbria

t. 01539 720788
f. 01539 730355

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