Wainwright’s Long Walk

High profile Westmorland and Lonsdale MP Tim Farron has lent his support
to Radiation Free Lakeland’s calls for a halt to the plan for ‘geological
disposal’ of high level nuclear wastes in Cumbria. He has said:

“I have similar views to you on nuclear as you
know, and I’ve often thought it odd that a county that depends so much on
tourism based on its tranquility and beauty can cheek by jowl have
nuclear waste storage! I will pursue this carefully!”

The reply from Tim Farron is in response to a letter from Radiation Free
Lakeland highlighting the conflict of interest within Cumbria Tourism who
are carrying out a “Brand Protection Strategy” to protect Cumbria from the
perception of a nuclear dump sacrifice zone.

Eric Robson the Chair of  Cumbria Tourism owns the PR company,

Osprey Communications who have been awarded the government contract

to push Cumbria along the “steps towards geological disposal.”

Mr Robson will feature on this sunday nights BBC 1 program about

Wainwright’s Long Walk.

Proposed changes to authority boundaries would mean that the tourist
“honey pots” of Bowness and Windermere would be under Copeland – the
authority who have expressed enthusiasm for ‘geological disposal’.

Marianne Birkby from Radiation Free Lakeland has said “the use of PR
companies to promote a high level nuclear dump is obscene enough but to
have employed the company owned by the celebrity Chair of Cumbria Tourism is PR Spin at its most machiavellian!



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