UK Nuclear Reprocessing Plant Turns 50


Reprocessing at Sellafield turns 50. Fifty years worth of insanely dangerous high level liquid wastes in tanks that the Office for Nuclear Regulation say are not fit for purpose. Why then is more waste arriving at Sellafield to be reprocessed adding to the toxic brew? There is no reason for this to happen apart from habit and an insane nuclear culture. This is what Sellafield says about its clapped out old reprocessing plant which in a sane world should never have begun operations ““Imagine a car from 1964 still running on the roads today and not just being brought out for exhibitions or displays but actually doing hard miles, every month, come what may. That’s what our Magnox Reprocessing Plant does and we are extremely proud of it.”. This is not a beautiful vintage car it is a bomb making machine.

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UK nuclear reprocessing plant turns 50

Magnox Reprocessing Plant. Copyright: Sellafield
Magnox Reprocessing Plant. Copyright: Sellafield

The UK’s first commercial nuclear reprocessing facility celebrated its 50th birthday yesterday.

The Magnox Reprocessing plant at Sellafield reprocesses spent fuel from nuclear power stations and recycles it to make fresh fuel.

More than 52,000 tonnes of fuel have been reprocessed in the facility since operations began in 1964, according to operator Sellafield Ltd, which currently employs more than 400 people.

The facility during construction. Copyright: Sellafield

Mark Jackson, the current Head of the Magnox Operating Unit said: “The longevity of the plant and its safety record are a real success for not only the nuclear industry but industry as a whole.

“Imagine a car from 1964 still running on the roads today and not just being brought out for exhibitions or displays but actually doing hard miles, every month, come what may. That’s what our Magnox Reprocessing Plant does and we are extremely proud of…

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Nuclear: It is Time to Stop!


Wonder why Greenpeace UK is not hanging banners from the top of Heysham Dungeness..etc?   These nukiller plants are clapped out but nevertheless plan to continue further into dangerous old age putting us all at risk. Putting Europe at risk for the sake of a tiny percentage of the UKs total electricity use!

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Greenpeace Action: Don’t Place Europe in Danger! March 18, 2014

(Video has some French, German, and English)

Nuclear: It is Time to Stop

(While the French language original, by, is entitled Nuclear Europe: It is Time to Stop, the situation in the USA is similar. And, so we have added additional Greenpeace and other info about the USA at the bottom. Also, Switzerland is included, even though it is not EU).

English translation based on report:
This 18th of March, 60 activists, from all over Europe, but also from Turkey, and Australia, occupied the dome and roof of the reactor pool number 1 at the Fessenheim Nuclear Power Plant in France. Fessenheim is the oldest nuclear power plant in France and one of the oldest Europeans reactors: it will be 37 years old in two weeks.

This action had as objective to denounce the risk that Nuclear France…

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Biological Consequences of Nuclear Disasters: From Chernobyl to Fukushima – Video and transcript


Putting new build on the vast greenfield area next to Sellafield would be genocidal …here is why…

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We found that most organisms show significantly increase rates of genetic damage where it’s radioactive, no surprise there. Most, many of the organisms show increased rates of deformities and other kinds of developmental abnormalities again in proportion to the contamination levels, reduced fertilities, shortened lifespans.


Starting first with Three Mile Island in 1979. Most of us in the room are familiar with that one. And Chernobyl, 1986, 28 years ago and of course Fukushima 2011. So that’s three out of 600. It’s kind of a, I don’t know, any statisticians in the room? What, what’s the probability there? I don’t know if any of you would get on an airplane if there was a 1 in 200 chance of it crashing.


So, nobody really cared too much when the tritium was contained within the borders of the power plant. But when it, once it starts getting…

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Not So Brief Encounter -Nuclear Trains at Carnforth


Not So Brief Encounter Nuclear Trains Carnforth

Not So Brief Encounter Nuclear Trains Carnforth


Nuclear Train Timetable

Nuclear Train Timetable

Many thanks to all the people today who stopped to talk to us at the iconic ‘Brief Encounter’ station at Carnforth.  We handed out around 100 leaflets with many people asking where they could sign a petition to stop the transport of nuclear waste.

The leaflet we handed out said:



Trains pulling containers of highly-radioactive nuclear fuel rods (“Nuclear Trains”) regularly go through Carnforth

These waste trains carrying spent fuel are operated by DRS, [Direct Rail Services owned by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority) which transports this highly radioactive waste through some of most highly populated area in the UK.


Instead of being contained on the original nuclear sites of production the waste is taken to Sellafield where it is reprocessed. Reprocessing is intended to harvest the plutonium and uranium from spent fuel. But it increases the waste volume many times over with 8 million litres of radioactive waste discharged into the Irish Sea every day. Only a tiny fraction of plutonium and uranium has ever been used.


Nuclear trains are the most dangerous cargoes carried on our railways.

The flasks (even when empty) continually leak low-level radiation, and any increase in radiation levels in the environment means an increase in risk of radiation-linked diseases such as thyroid cancer and leukaemia. Women, young children and babies are most at risk.


As a result of a serious accident or terrorist attack the flasks could break open, releasing highly-radioactive material that would blow for miles in the wind and kill thousands of people in the Carnforth area.



Let others know about these waste trains.


Join us in our campaign to stop DRS transporting Nuclear Waste


For more information about the trains see the

Nuclear Waste Trains Action Group website


and Radiation Free Lakeland: contact


Published by Radiation Free Lakeland-



Other Stops On Sellafield Route were leafletted today……

Crewe:  Over 500 leaflets handed out  with people lining up to hear more about the nuclear waste trains.  



And more

Will you let the Nuclear Industry Choose for you to Die at age 70 or younger? Radiation “Protection” Assumes your lifespan is 65 to 70 years or Less! Do you agree?


Radiation Dose calculated on 65-70 year life span ? – way to go nukiller!

Originally posted on Mining Awareness Plus:

If you don’t agree and you live in, or are a citizen of the USA, you better take notice and start preparing your comment to the EPA, deadline August 3rd.!documentDetail;D=EPA-HQ-OAR-2013-0689-0001
(We intend to provide additional info over the next 2 weeks. The NRC will announce possible updates soon, as well, for legal radioactive leakage and nuclear waste dumps. These are the opening rounds.)

In 2009, when he was 100 years old, Hans Erni’s Peace Mural was unveiled in Geneva. He was still going strong and painting from sunrise to sunset, in February 2014, at age 105. He was spunkier than ever, when last interviewed at the end of May. Should he have died at age 65 or 70, as ICRP radiation “protection” assumes, when giving a standard of 0.1 mSv? Should he have died even younger, with a less protective standard, as the nuclear lobby apparently wants? He was…

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Not So Brief Encounter - Nuclear Waste Trains at Carnforth 19th july 2014

Not So Brief Encounter – Nuclear Waste Trains at Carnforth 19th july 2014


Please Join Us at 11am  outside the iconic ‘Brief Encounter’ Carnforth Train Station- we will be leafletting and talking to people on the station about the nuclear waste trains en route to Sellafield.

Heysham’s Graphite Core Clapped Out? No Probs..Just Change the Rules!

Heysham 1 ?

Heysham 1 ?

Last week the Station Manager of Heysham 1 Ian Stewart, had a Podium piece in the Westmorland Gazette.  The piece was the usual puffed up nonsense we have come to expect of the nuclear industry extolling the “low carbon” credentials and “safety” of the industry and Heysham 1 in particular.   Far from being low carbon, nuclear entrenches fossil fuel dependence.   Independent scientist  Dr Ian Fairlie has pointed out in this weeks Ecologist:

“The most thorough UK examination of nuclear’s potential carbon savings was by the former Sustainable Development Commission in 2006. It concluded  “Nuclear power is not the answer to tackling climate change … “. Surprise: one of the first things the Tory-led coalition Government did when it assumed power in 2010 was to abolish the Sustainable Development Commission”.

Ian Stewart the Heysham Manager is absolutely right when he says that “Low carbon energy is vital both locally and nationally”  why then is he promoting a life extension to Heysham 1?

Even if nuclear was the bees knees as far as low carbon energy is concerned, that would still not justify the trade off.  The trade off for continued nuclear fanaticism is the real possibility of accident and the absolute certainty of routine emissions.  Emissions which the industry and government know cause radiation linked disease in humans and a snowball of blight to the environment.

Given what is at stake you would think that safety would be paramount.  Not so.  Graphite bricks in the Heysham 1 reactor are cracking and starting to lose weight due to bombardment of radiation. The graphite is about to breach safety levels and the Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) would have had to prosecute or even shut down the plant. But instead, the regulators are considering a request from EDF energy, to simply airbrush away the safety limits.

Yesterday’s Utility Week reports:  “EDF Energy applied to extend the limit on how much degradation can take place to the graphite bricks surrounding the nuclear core at its Kent-based nuclear site, and told Utility Week that the rest of its site are under review as safety margins continue to shrink. “The figures we have for our sites are well within the safety margins we have been set. But we will keep this under review during the operational lives of our sites, and as is usual work with the Office for Nuclear Regulation,” a spokesman for the company said. The Heysham 1 nuclear power unit is the reactor closest to reaching its safety standards relating to graphite weight loss, at just 1.5 per cent off its limit. Current average weight loss is at 10.5 per cent with its limit being 12 per cent. A final decision as to whether the Heysham plant’s lifetime may be extended to 2019 will be made by the regulator next year following detailed safety assessment of the site which will be shared with the Office for Nuclear Regulation. If the life extension is not approved a safety limit change may be unnecessary as the plant would close in 2016. However, if the plant’s life extension is approved, an application to change the safety limits may be required”.

There is a petition regarding EDF’s Dungeness B – another petition for Heysham 1 will follow.

Or if you would like to set up petitions PLEASE DO!

This is MEGA BIG BAD DANGEROUS and the more groups and individuals who SHOUT the more chance we have of preventing nuclear catastrophe.

What can you do?

Please contact Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth UK ask them to grab hold of this nuclear hot potato while we still have the chance to make a difference.

Contact your Social Media Networks and shout about this

Contact your MP

Contact Anyone and Everyone you can think of who can stand up and strongly oppose.


PODIUM – The Westmorland gazette July 3rd Ian Stewart Station Director of Heysham 1

Heysham 1 Ian Stewart Podium WG july 3 2014

German Bundestag Green Party Objection to Shipping German Nuclear Waste to the USA

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Statement by Ms. Sylvia Kotting-Uhl, Spokesperson on Nuclear Issues in the German Bundestag for the “Bundestagsfraktion BÜNDNIS 90/ DIE GRÜNEN” – July 8, 2014, (posted at
Julich to Aiken
– opposition to the proposed shipment of German spent fuel from the long-closed AVR gas-cooled commercial prototype reactor at Forschungszentrum Jülich to the United States

Shipping the nuclear waste of the AVR to the USA is against all principles that we obliged to, last but not least by the German repository site selection act. This nuclear waste has to be disposed in our own country.

In my opinion the best option would be to build a new earthquake-proof interim storage for the nuclear waste on the FZJ ground or nearby.

I can no longer accept the blanket of secrecy that Germany’s Federal Ministry of Research has thrown over this affair. Minister Wanka has to declare quickly what her plans for…

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“SCRUBLAND” Fit for Nothing but Nuclear Wasteland! Come On REALLY?


In Yesterdays New York Times….

“LONDON — There are few places in the West where companies that build nuclear plants are welcome to construct new ones. That lack of choice probably accounts for a lot of the appeal of a nearly 500-acre stretch of scrubland called Moorside near the Irish Sea in northwest England”.

Scrubland?    Ancient hedgerows, coppice, fertile fields and bounded by the River Ehen.  A huge area of land bigger than the already sprawling Sellafield site is being groomed as another nuclear sacrifice zone.  No More!  As Hadrian once said  “This far and NO further!”

Hadrian- This Far and No Further

Hadrian- This Far and No Further

WHAT YOU CAN DO…..RESIST!!  In any way possible without breaking the law


Put up banners NO TO MOORCIDE!

Put up the Moorcide Map in shops and Post Offices to show the extent of the madness.

Lobby Greenpeace UK and Friends of the Earth UK asking why their nuclear campaign policy is on a SOFT PEDAL here while in the rest of Europe they are PUSHING HARD TO STOP NUCLEAR

Lobby Cumbria Wildlife Trust to Oppose Moorcide

Lobby Friends of the Lake District to Oppose Moorcide

Lobby Cumbria Trust to Oppose Moorcide


Lobby all of these and more.  Keep Lobbying – they will say they have no resources for lobbying against the “lost cause” of nuclear – This is rubbish, no resources are needed to make strong statements opposing!   And the ONLY causes worth fighting for are those cunningly described  as “lost causes.”

The ancient hedgerows, fields, coppice, deer, badgers, wildlife, the river Ehen, the Irish Sea – our health and our children’s health,  none of these are a lost cause.  RESIST!




Not so Brief Encounter: Nuclear Waste Trains

Nuclear Waste Trains STOP!  Leaflet the Station Near you on 19th JulyNuclear Waste Trains Map




Do you know if trains carrying nuclear waste go through your neighbourhood?  All radioactive waste (spent fuel) from nuclear power stations is sent to Sellafield in Cumbria.

It is mainly transported by rail with Direct Rail Services (owned by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority) .  Some parts of the journey are by road.

The late Bob Crow, leader of the Railway Maritime and Transport Workers Union was opposed to continued transports of nuclear waste around the country.  Earlier this year a nuclear freight train pulling a wagon used to transport spent fuel smashed into a stranded car on a level crossing at Silverdale.  Silverdale is the next station along the line from Carnforth where the iconic film Brief Encounter  was filmed.

The “train remained upright” and was carrying empty flasks. However it is not just the flasks loaded with spent fuel that are cause for concern. The National Radiological Protection Board  pointed out that empty flasks and even the trains carrying them have been found to be radioactively contaminated on arrival at a nuclear plant for loading with spent fuel.

The only reason the spent fuel is loaded on trains to travel through towns and villages to Sellafield is because of continued reprocessing. The nuclear industry is excellent at dislocating cause from effect and illnesses resulting from nuclear flasks hurtling around the country towards Sellafield to reprocess spent fuel that no- one wants, may  take years to manifest.

At Silverdale no-one was immediately injured in the crash but the car was dragged 300 metres down the track and ended up beneath the locomotive, which had to be cut free putting rescuers at radiological risk.

There is nothing brief about the railway network’s encounter with radioactive waste transports, which are set to snowball if new build is allowed to go ahead.


Please Join Radiation Free Lakeland in leafletting and talking to people outside Carnforth Station on Saturday 19th July from 11am .  We are supporting the Nuclear  Trains Action Group event at Crewe Station.  Other stations all along the nuclear waste route are also being leafletted on the same day.




Bob Crow RMT on London Derailment: “The fact that this wasn’t one of the nuclear trains that use that line at that time of night is a relief to everyone but that appears to have been pure luck.”


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