Meanwhile in the US, Grandmothers are found guilty while nuclear poisons us all

PILGRIM grandmothers found guilty yesterday 10/22/2014. Sentenced to 30 days, suspended, and a year’s probation. These women are our prophets, as is, of course, Dr Helen Caldicott, who did testify yesterday (having been previously barred)

Here are words from defendant grandmother Diane Turco in court.

I wept as I read her gorgeous words and those she quoted by Grandmother Sarah Thacher.
Argument by Grandmother Diane Turco of Pilgrim Grandmothers 4
10.22.14 Plymouth District Court

On Mother’s Day, 2014, Cape Downwinders held a rally in St. Catherine’s Chapel Park and march to the Pilgrim nuclear power reactor in Plymouth. We called for the closing of Entergy Corporation’s Pilgrim Nuclear Power Reactor because our children and future generations are at risk to the damage of ionizing radiation.

The Mother’s Day proclamation written and read by Grandmother Sarah Thacher that day is as follows:

“This Mother’s Day action is an expression of our rage against a polluting nuclear reactor and our love for all children.
This is not about an accident happening in the future.
It is about an ongoing accident occurring daily.
We have stood by and watched our air and water become polluted.
The incredibly high cancer rates have become acceptable.
We are churning out more and more radioactive waste with no place to go but into our own backyards and Cape Cod Bay …..
or to be vented, leaked, and dribbled into our atmosphere.

As mothers and grandmothers (Who are now paying attention) we want this poisoning to stop. We are here to put our bodies on the line with an apology, that we didn’t understand earlier about this evil that is being perpetrated on our children and generations to come.

Our job is to see Pilgrim shut down and cleaned up.”
As Grandmothers (looking back on two generations for Mary and me, and for Susan and Sarah, three) we have a joyful and solemn responsibility to make sure our children are safe. With the tragic lessons learned from Fukushima mothers,


We act on a moral imperative with civic responsibility.
The ongoing operation of the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Reactor in Plymouth is a crime beyond what we four Grandmothers have been charged with. Damaging and killing of life from exposure to ionizing radiation and the imminent threat of a catastrophic accident that is already acknowledged to be a viable event is a far greater crime than the gentle affirming actions of four loving grandmothers.
Your Honor, with our testimony presented, we hope that you will come to the conclusion that the four grandmothers did not commit a crime of trespassing but, rather, with clarity and compassion, are calling attention to the alarming truth:

That Entergy Corporation’s operation of Pilgrim Nuclear on the shores of Cape Cod Bay is the real threat and danger to our beautiful children and our beloved community, trespassing on all of us every single day in a most serious and deadly capacity.
In closing,
Mother’s Day founder, Julia Ward Howe exclaimed:
“Arise all women who have hearts whether your baptism be that of water or tears! Say firmly we will not have great questions decided by irrelevant agencies.”

Most Honorable Judge Sullivan, we four Grandmothers stand in your court as a serious expression of the unwillingness of the government to protect the people and seek your confirmation that our peaceful actions are urgently meaningful for the protection of our children and future generations.
Otherwise, with broken hearts, we will regretfully apologize to our children once again.

More Nuclear Waste on its way to Sellafield Today

Nuclear waste train at Bridgewater

Nuclear waste train at Bridgwater station this morning ….the second one this week  23 Oct 2014

On its way to Sellafield ….coming through your neighbourhood soon …..

Sellafield is bursting at the seams with nuclear waste, but not to worry as there is plenty of sea to dump it into, plenty of air, plenty of soil

Indeed we are the land of plenty - the St Bees knees.

The headland at St Bees acts as a catchment for Sellafield’s reprocessing wastes.

The return of Yucca Mountain?


Yucca Mountain once again being pushed as a geological dump: Nuclear Waste …Stop Making It!

Originally posted on GreenWorld:

yucca102The tortured history of the Yucca Mountain radioactive waste project took another twist Thursday as the NRC released a key portion of its Safety Evaluation Report (SER) for the project.

Judging from the reaction of the nuclear industry and its backers, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the release of Volume 3 (of five volumes, three of which are not yet completed) meant that the radwaste trains would begin rolling into the mountain this morning. 

In a statement on the House Energy and Commerce Committee’s website, Committee chairman Fred Upton (R-MI), a steadfast supporter of all things nuclear, called the report “game-changing,” and said the American public can now have confidence that the repository would be in fact “safe for a million years.”

Not to be outdone, Environment and Energy subcommittee chair John Shimkus (R-IL), like Upton a guy who has ardently backed the nuclear industry no matter what…

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Thorium – pie in the sky to keep the nuclear nightmare going

Grand Canyon

Ban on uranium mining at Grand Canyon upheld by Arizona court
Ruling protects national treasure against the possibility of opening it to 26 new mines and 700 exploration projects. “Developers” will no doubt be challenging this…. until NUCLEAR IS BANNED.

Thorium – same old pie in the sky to keep the whole nuclear shebang going… the 3 reactors planned for Cumbria would burn URANIUM.  The UK’s  insane agenda for new nuclear build is driving the ruthless push for uranium mining in countries previously free from uranium mining such as Peru.  Even what should be protected areas are under continual threat such as the Grand Canyon.

“The first thing to mention is about conventional fission reactors – they were never intended to work the way they do. It was envisioned that Uranium breeder technology2 would be used but since that technology had not been fully developed the current technologies were used as a stop-gap. However, after over 50 years of trying to develop the Uranium breeder technology little progress has been made. If it had then the problems of dwindling Uranium supplies would not be such an issue and hence one of the major advantages of Thorium would be removed”.

Stand Up to Cancer – Ban Nuclear Power NOW!

Stand Up to Cancer                                  BAN NUCLEAR POWER NOW!

Nuclear Power Stations Cause Childhood Leukemia – and here’s the Proof.

While the nation is urged to “Stand Up to Cancer” the known cause of cancer and other radiation linked diseases is being promoted and given obscene public subsidies like never before.

In August of this year Dr Ian Fairlie, an expert in the field of environmental radiation,  wrote an article in The Ecologist magazine.  Part of that article is reproduced below.  Please read it and remember that You Have the Power to Beat Cancer Sooner – just say NO to Nuclear, keep saying NO – do everything you can to prevent new nuclear build.  Remember nuclear is a choice, not a necessity and CHOOSE LIFE!

“Controversy has been raging for decades over the link between nuclear power stations and childhood leukemia. But as with tobacco and lung cancer, it’s all about hiding the truth, writes Ian Fairlie. Combining data from four countries shows, with high statistical significance, that radioactive releases from nuclear plants are the cause of the excess leukemia cases.

I can think of no other area of toxicology (eg asbestos, lead, smoking) with so many studies, and with such clear associations as those between nuclear power plants and child leukemias.
In March 2014, my article on increased rates of childhood leukemias near nuclear power plants (NPPs) was published in the Journal of Environmental Radioactivity (JENR).

A previous post discussed the making of the article and its high readership: this post describes its content in layman’s terms.

Before we start, some background is necessary to grasp the new report’s significance. Many readers may be unaware that increased childhood leukemias near NPPs have been a contentious issue for several decades.

For example, it was a huge issue in the UK in the 1980s and early 1990s leading to several TV programmes, Government Commissions, Government committees, a major international Conference, Government reports, at least two mammoth court cases and probably over a hundred scientific articles.

It was refuelled in 1990 by the publication of the famous Gardner report (Gardner et al, 1990) which found a very large increase (7 fold) in child leukemias near the infamous Sellafield nuclear facility in Cumbria.

Over 60 epidemiological studies confirm the link”

But the official take is to say that increased childhood leukaemia’s are caused not by nuclear crap but by population mixing.… Really!  Then why isn’t the government issuing a public health warning on the huge influx of workers that would be needed for the “Biggest Nuclear Development in Europe” ?   Of course it isn’t population mixing – the government and industry know this very well, but its a useful decoy from the real cause – which is radioactive emissions from nuclear ‘power,’ reprocessing and decommissioning.

Below is an exchange of letters with the author of the paper on “population mixing” which our government uses to excuse the nuclear industry from any blame.

—————————- Original Message —————————-
Subject: Population Mixing
Date: Thu, February 3, 2011 10:25 am

Dear Heather,

Thank you for your advice.

I support Core – but am not a member.

I am writing primarily as a mother who is concerned about
the significantly increased risks to all children from new nuclear

No one it seems is willing to take any responsibility while children are
collateral damage

Thank you again for your time.

yours sincerely,


—————————- Original Message —————————-
Subject: RE: Population Mixing
From: “Heather Dickinson” <>
Date: Thu, February 3, 2011 10:06 am
To: “‘'”
Cc: “” <>

Dear Marianne and Tim
As a retired researcher who worked in the area of children’s cancer over
10 years ago, I have no authority to issue health warnings to the
It would be more appropriate for you to ask the Department of Health if
they propose issuing health warnings.

I understand that the proposed nuclear power stations are a response to
the UK’s projected energy needs and, in particular, to supply these needs
without increasing emissions of carbon dioxide. If you wish to inform
yourself about this debate, I suggest you read:
“Sustainable energy – without the hot air” By David JC Mackay.
He points out that the British public needs to stop saying “No” to every
proposal to get the UK off fossil fuels in order to avoid catastrophic
climate change.

I shall not be reading any more of your emails, so please don’t bother
sending them.

I presume you are a member of CORE and I would like to point out that a
lady from CORE phoned me about 2 years ago about this issue and I told her
I no longer worked in this area. It is most unfortunate that you have
nevertheless decided to harass me about it.

Heather Dickinson

>—–Original Message—–
>Sent: 31 January 2011 21:01
>To: Heather Dickinson
>Subject: RE: Population Mixing
>Dear Heather,
>Thank you for your reply.
>The North of England Children’s Cancer Research Unit “could not comment”
>and advised that we asked you.
>Our question is “Will Cumbria (and other areas with proposed new nuclear
>build) be issued with a health warning regarding the dangers of
>”population mixing” in the vicinity of nuclear installations?
>If not you – who should we ask?
>yours sincerely,
>Marianne Birkby
>cc Tim Farron MP
>> Dear Marianne
>> Thank you for your message.
>> I cannot speak for the North of England Children’s Cancer Research
>Unit as
>> I have not worked there since June 2002, when I moved to a different
>> of research from children’s cancer.
>> I cannot speak for the Northern Institute for Cancer Research or
>> Research UK as I have never worked for them. The research you mention
>> not supported financially by Cancer Research UK.
>> I retired from Newcastle University at the end of September 2010.
>> Heather Dickinson
>>>—–Original Message—–
>>>Sent: 26 January 2011 15:50
>>>To: Heather Dickinson
>>>Subject: Population Mixing
>>>Dear Dr Dickinson,
>>>In explaining significantly increased childhood cancers around nuclear
>>>plants the government has been persuaded by the “population mixing”
>>>rather than emissions from nuclear power plants.
>>>A paper you wrote in 1999 describes population mixing as “a
>>>risk factor for acute lymphoblastic leukaemia and non-Hodgkin’s
>>>especially in young children, accounting for over 50% of cases in
>>>and most cases in Seascale”.
>>>If all the proposed nuclear developments in West Cumbria go ahead the
>>>population is predicted to increase in a relatively short period of
>>>by tens of thousands.
>>>Will the North of England Children’s Cancer Research Unit / Northern
>>>Institute for Cancer Research/Cancer Research UK be acting on their
>>>research and advising the government to put out a public health
>>>the “significant risk factor”?
>>>yours sincerely,
>>>Marianne Birkby
>>>Wed 19 Jan 11
>>>Quantifying the effect of population mixing on childhood leukaemia
>>>the Seascale cluster
>>> The German KiKK study







HOT the anti nuclear Comic Novel sent to Cumbrian Councillors as an ebook has been claimed by a number of University and National Libraries The claim has been made on behalf of the Legal Deposit Libraries, these being the Bodleian Library Oxford University, The Cambridge University Library, National Library of Scotland, National Library of Wales and Trinity College Dublin. The Comic Book, “HOT” is actually the fourth book in the ongoing series “Chronicles of Wastwater”. Previous titles being “The Wastwater Gnomes”, “When the Water Flows” and “Swallows and Amazons For You For Life”.

“HOT” continues the journey of a retired farming couple, Tom and Ellen, who are trying to make sense of the government plan to dump heat generating nuclear waste from existing and new nuclear build in vast underground caverns as deep as Scafell is high, under their beloved Cumbria. One of the images in the book is of former Council Leader Eddie Martin who is seen as Superman following the County Council’s No vote on January 3oth 2013 The University and National Libraries are each entitled to delivery, free of charge, of one copy of every publication that they request a claim for.

Not all publications are claimed by the libraries but the obligation has existed in English law for all printed books and papers since 1662 and for electronic and other non-print publications since 6th April 2013. The Agency for Legal Deposit Libraries says “It helps to ensure that the nation’s published output, and thereby its intellectual record and future published heritage, is collected systematically, both in order to preserve the material for the use of future generations and to make it available for readers within the designated deposit libraries”.

Marianne Birkby the founder of Radiation Free Lakeland who wrote and illustrated “HOT” under the publishing title of Wildart Books said “while this is fantastic news that the University and National Libraries want 5 printed copies of the book (as well as the book to be sent automatically to the British Library’s archive), it means that we will be out of pocket by over £100. “HOT” can be printed as a print on demand book for those who would like an individually printed copy.

The book is freely available to view as an online book ….but the Agency for the Legal Deposit Libraries would like printed copies. We have negotiated with them to send one printed copy but it would be great to be able to send five. It is a funny old world when some of the real truths about what is happening in Cumbria regarding the ruthless push for geological dumping and new build can be found in a comic novel, while the public are continually fed the official line by government and industry. It would be great to have these novels published properly but at the moment it is all on a shoe string.” If anyone would like to sponsor the sending of five “HOT” comic novels to the Legal Deposit Libraries please contact Marianne on 015395 63671.


Agency for Legal Deposit Libraries

POSTCRIPT:  A supporter has just rung up to fully sponsor the books  being printed and sent to the Legal Deposit Libraries…



Stop Moorside say 95% of people we spoke to at Wasdale Show

Wasdale Show 2014  - Stop Moorside -

Wasdale Show 2014
- Stop Moorside -

This Saturday Radiation Free Lakeland went to Wasdale Show – arguably the most beautiful show ground in the world surrounded by the Lake District mountains and next to the deepest Lake in England, Wastwater.

95% of the people we spoke to were opposed to new build near Sellafield especially as there is no solution for the still accumulating existing waste, which needs 4 million gallons of water a day abstracted from Wastwater to cool its heels.

There was one good looking chap in long dreadlocks  however who stood at the stall for well over an hour.  He berated  us on our “lack of scientific evidence that Sellafield is dangerous” He claimed that ” it was dangerous in the 1990s but it is all safe now and new build IS going ahead”   Later on I noticed he had put on official Mountain Rescue gear so when I got back looked him up.  Seems he is well entrenched in  Sellafield largesse.  Sellafield is understandably keen for their staff  to apply themselves to good works such as Mountain Rescue, it is after all fantastic PR.

If you work for yourself or a small company it is really difficult to get time off  but  if you are a nuclear worker, as well as the time off,  you get paid … all public money.  No one would begrudge public money for Mountain Rescue,

( least of all me, who loves walking in the mountains and might one day need to be rescued)

But when public money is filtered through the nuclear industry it skews the social contract, especially so when the same staff then undermine volunteers who spend their own time and money campaigning for Sellafield safety, which includes prevention of new nuclear reactors.  Much of what Sellafield does (and does not do)  is secret even to those working on the site, many of whom will never set a radioactively protected foot in the most neglected and radioactively contaminated buildings.

So when good looking dreadlock chap  says “it is all safe now”  he most probably wholeheartedly believes it.

Here is some wonderful largesse courtesy of the taxpayer.

Ship of Fools