1988 “The establishment of wildlife monitoring schemes..to provide an early warning of radionuclide accumulation”

Before the establishment of the wildlife monitoring scheme ……


Grey Croft Stone Circle - Sellafield - before the "wildlife monitoring scheme"

Grey Croft Stone Circle – Sellafield – before the “wildlife monitoring scheme”


After the establishment of the wildlife monitoring scheme…

Grey Croft Stone Circle - Sellafield after the "wildlife monitoring scheme"

Grey Croft Stone Circle – Sellafield after the “wildlife monitoring scheme”


Sellafield have been less than honest about the reasons behind extending the fences out beyond their built up bank and planted woodland.

In 1988 a report produced for government advises “the establishment of wildlife monitoring schemes…to provide an early warning of radionuclide accumulation”

So Sellafield built a bank and planted it with trees:  “a roughly L- shaped parcel of land”   At the widest point the piece of land is no more than 0.3km wide and in total the enclosed area represents approximately 15 hectares.

Then they fenced it in trapping deer which are- as the recent Deer Initiative report helpfully says :

“excellent bio-indicators and sentinels of environmental contamination.
Because of their extremely rapid and efficient deposition of minerals in
bone, they are recognised as important sources of data in respect of heavy
metal and radioactive isotope accumulation. Given the nature of the
industrial work at Sellafield, the regular sampling of deer bone and liver
tissue might be an attractive prospect for those responsible for
environmental monitoring at the site.”

The report  written by the Institute for Terrestrial Ecology from 1988 which recommends “the establishment of wildlife monitoring schemes ..to provide an early warning of radionuclide accumulation”


Sellafield Springwatch – Roe Deer and Other Animals

Springwatch at Sellafield

Springwatch at Sellafield


Springwatch Sellafield Style.

  • Sellafield have enticed with new woodland,
  • trapped with new fences,
  • killed with the blessing of Cumbria Wildlife Trust
  • and “harvested” tissue from increasingly threatened native roe deer.


Wednesday 23rd from 1.00pm  is an Open invitation to meet outside the Sellafield Calder Gates (head to Seascale and the lane to Calder Gates is signposted).

Invited are All who oppose this continuing diabolic lunacy and who want remaining deer to be freed from the meaningless fences.

This will be the 5th demonstration to oppose the cull and free the deer.

We will also be remembering the wild free lives trashed by Sellafield.

The fences are meaningless while Sellafield continues to reprocess and chuck radioactive waste into the environment as part of “decommissioning.”

The deer are us and we are the deer.

more here:




30th April, Government Committee Comes to Workington to teach Cumbrians to suck eggs

City of Carlisle - Geological Nuclear Dump

City of Carlisle – Geological Nuclear Dump


…..or in this case heat generating nuclear wastes.  

The plan we were told  was for one mega dump “as big as the City of Carlisle.” Cumbria said No to that plan on 30th January 2013.  It is worth bearing in mind that the area of the City of Carlisle includes much of rural West Cumbria and is ENORMOUS.  Now the government’s increasing and insane nuclear ambitions mean that there would be  not one dump the size of the City of Carlisle but 4 or more  geological dumps.  The Committee of Radioactive Waste Management is coming to Cumbria on 30th April to tell us about their work in advising government.  Originally scheduled to take place in Workington centre, demand was so great that the venue has changed to accommodate more people .  Rather surprisingly the venue has changed to the Hunday Manor Hotel, out on a limb and inaccessible by public transport- we wonder whether this has more to do with ensuring an air of reverence and respect rather than  to accommodate more people.

People can book here – or just turn up!  Your paying!    https://www.gov.uk/government/news/corwm-public-meeting-workington-cumbria-save-the-date

Its worth a history lesson on the birth of the Committee of Radioactive Waste Management.  To go back nearly 20 years to the original plan,

Immediately after the Nirex inquiry decision by John Gummer (the day the  election was called in 1997) there was a big problem for the nuclear  industry, because their chosen site, Longlands in West Cumbria had been ruled out  as geologically unsuitable, but they knew nowhere else in the country  would be politically acceptable. And the inquiry had only looked at  intermediate-level wastes, not the high-level wastes and spent nuclear  fuel they were hoping to put down there later .  The House of Lords Technology Committee (which is very pro-nuclear) was given the problem  to solve. They recommended the following:

(1) Changing planning law so major infrastructure projects were decided by central government with no cross-examination of scientific evidence so they would not lose again next time (this took them several attempts to get through but became what is now the major infrastructure planning law);

(2) Setting up a process to endorse deep disposal without actually looking at site selection and whether any suitable geology exists (this became the Committee on Radioactive Waste Management who will be coming to the Hunday Manor Hotel on 30th April);

(3) “compensation” for local communities (i.e. money for Copeland, plus what later became the “Energy Coast” PR exercise, i.e. promising jobs that will never materialise). At the same time, Nirex applied to extend the planning permission for their boreholes to continue to investigate the site (they tried to convince a lot of councillors that this would be
some kind of university of geology). Greenpeace and CORE objected to the extension of planning permission. They argued that permission had only been given to the boreholes to investigate the suitability of the site and allowing continuing work would overturn the inquiry decision that  the site was unsuitable. Cumbria County Councillors were persuaded by
this and voted to oppose planning permission and to fill in the boreholes.

New Geological Criteria were later cunningly developed (Criteria Proposals Group and Review Panel) under the auspices of the House of Lords Science and Technology Committee to overturn the findings of the Nirex inquiry/appeal and rule Cumbria back in.

It is clear that Committee after Committee is being set up to drive the nuclear agenda.  Any authentic voices that manage to make it onto these government committees are it seems soon forced out, as this letter from former CoRWM members in the British Medical Journal illustrates:

Editor—We have professional interests in the public health impact of ionising radiation, the assessment and management of risk, and the development of policy. After more than a year as members of the Committee on Radioactive Waste Management (CoRWM) one of us (KB) was sacked and the other driven to resign because of the committee’s wayward modus operandi. CoRWM now lacks serious expertise in these subjects and developing policy to protect the public interest, including its health.1

CoRWM has a membership stronger on public relations than science, is strongly averse to consulting expertise, has adopted a “do it yourself” mode of operation contrary to its overseer role, and commonly relies on help from close associates when needed. Its remit is to advise government on a strategy that can be implemented quickly and will inspire public confidence.

After taking more than a year to eliminate long rejected options such as rocketing high level waste into the sun, the committee now has less than a year to formulate its advice on options that meet the engineering requirement of isolating the waste from the biosphere for up to 100 000 years.

The latest independent review is sceptical that there will be a successful outcome2 given the avoidable damage to the credibility of the committee from its failure to develop a science strategy before January 2005. As then members, we thought that this was not so much a failure as a deliberate antiscience strategy.

If the material stored at many places around the United Kingdom were inadvertently or deliberately dispersed, or some unsafe but seemingly publicly acceptable solution were implemented, the potential for major public health damage would be huge now and in the future. No strategy has been in place for managing radioactive waste in the UK in the past 25 years, and the medical profession should be concerned that this latest initiative is so controversial and lacking in professionalism.

In November 2003 the BMA wrote to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) expressing its concern that the newly formed CoRWM had no medically qualified members. As we have not been replaced (even by co-option) CoRWM now lacks health and risk expertise as well as any hands-on expertise on the science and engineering of radioactive waste management.

Is this a responsible way to make such a momentous decision?

1. Baverstock KF, Ball DJ. The UK Committee on Radioactive Waste Management. J Radio Prot 2005;25: 313-20. [PubMed]
2. Collier D. CoRWM phase 2 evaluation. Oxford: Faulkland Associates, 2005. (Report R06.) http://www.corwm.org.uk/PDF/1355%20-%20CoRWM%20Phase%202%20Evaluation%20Statement%20V3.pdf.
3. House of Lords. Radioactive waste management: 5th report, science and technology committee. London: House of Lords, 2004.




Sir Tony Cunningham writes to DECC: Why have Lillyhall Landfill operators not been prosecuted?


Letter from Sir Tony Cunningham MP for Workington following over 100 letters from constituents.




“Thank you for your letter dated 26th march together with letters from constituents and visitors to Workington regarding the non prosecution of landfill operators FCC following the prosecution of Sellafield for “illegally dumping three bags of low level and one bag of intermediate level waste into Lillyhall landfill”.


I have written to the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change on this issue and will be back in touch once a reply is received.


I hope this is helpful.”


yours sincerely,


Sir Tony Cunningham MP”


More info and letter below:


Letter from Sir Tony Cunningham - Lillyhall Landfill


Sellafield Sacrifice - We are the Deer - The Deer are Us

Sellafield Sacrifice – We are the Deer – The Deer are Us



Radiation Free Lakeland have just learned that one of the options for the Sellafield Deer trapped within the newly enlarged security fences is to
retain the deer on site as:

“excellent bio-indicators and sentinels of environmental contamination.
Because of their extremely rapid and efficient deposition of minerals in
bone, they are recognised as important sources of data in respect of heavy
metal and radioactive isotope accumulation. Given the nature of the
industrial work at Sellafield, the regular sampling of deer bone and liver
tissue might be an attractive prospect for those responsible for
environmental monitoring at the site.”

We suspect this was Sellafield’s intention all along to use the deer as an experiment. But then who needs deer as “sentinels” inside the fences when
children are encouraged to play on beaches just outside the fences where increasing
radioactive particles are being found?”

Thermal imaging revealed that between 5-12 deer are on site. Sellafield have admitted that of the 3 deer already culled, tissue has been harvested.

Some years ago this area was flat farmland with an uninterrupted view to the site from Grey Croft stone circle. Sellafield have built a high grassed terraced mound (burying who knows
what beneath it) around the site and planted trees which have been accessible to the deer and other wildlife for several years.

The new fences increase the footprint of the site by including this previously open land. The report from the Deer Initative describes what will happen should grazing animals not be present in this relatively new woodland area

“without such grazing the area will in time become donated by the dense
thicket which may or may not pose security threat to the larger site and
will certainly reduce the biodiversity of the habitat.”

Sellafield told Natural England the deer were a “security threat”  - you can’t have it both ways….unless you are Sellafield and say whatever to further the agenda.

The report describes how the deer have been present for at least several seasons and have been trapped for around 2 seasons with evidence of eating plants normally “unpalatable” to roe deer.

There is debate as to whether or not there were sacrifices at bronze age stones such as Grey Croft.

There is however conclusive evidence of sacrifice by the nuclear industry.

redacted_Deer Report-Sellafield


Sellafield Roe Deer "sentinel"

Sellafield Roe Deer “sentinel”

References for Editors  (well we can hope, although it is common knowledge that editors have been told to soft pedal on nuclear – maybe that will change?)
Note the redacted FOI report attached incorrectly describes Sellafield as
a “power generation” nuclear facility – it has not produced any
electricity since 2006 and uses more fossil fuel than any other user in
Cumbria (over £30 Million of gas yearly)


Sellafield’s Radioactive Pollution from The Irish Sea to The Arctic – Omnicide knows no bounds between wildlife and humans.

Irish Sea: Cumbria Wildlife Trust Conference- Dont Mention the 'N' word!

Irish Sea: Cumbria Wildlife Trust Conference- Dont Mention the ‘N’ word!


Yesterday at Cumbria Wildlife Trust’s Irish Sea Conference, Radiation Free Lakeland handed out over 100 leaflets to delegates.  The venue was the beautiful Netherwood Hotel in Grange over Sands.  The  front door looks out on to Morecambe Bay and Heysham Nuclear plant ( see photo above ). From Heysham spent fuel trundles across the train viaduct to Sellafield to be reprocessed making it even more dangerous.

The leaflets handed out yesterday by volunteers and supporters of a Radiation Free Lakeland describe just a few of the impacts of existing and proposed nuclear developments on the Irish Sea.  This is to counter the non engagement of Cumbria Wildlife Trust in nuclear impacts ( happy to engage in the impact of wind turbines!)

The ever charming Sir Martin Holdgate Trustee of CWT came over to speak to us and interestingly told us that he favours above ground storage and monitoring of nuclear waste.

We agreed and suggested that the first step to looking after existing nuclear waste must be to STOP PRODUCING ANY MORE.

He replied “there is something to be said for that point of view.”

Rather worrying the equally charming Director of Cumbria Wildlife Trust Peter Bullard appears to assume that damage from nuclear ‘only’ affects humans and that the Trust “is not about people but is concerned with wildlife.”

Humans are at the top of the food chain and as studies, including studies by Lancaster University, have shown even chronic low level radiation is damaging to all wildlife including the game changing 100% sterility of fish “Severe effect on reproduction hatching and abnormal larvae (100%).”  

These test studies are backed up by findings in the real world. Many universities worldwide have been studying evidence from nuclear accidents:

“Low-dose radiation has been known to have negative consequences for (all) living beings for almost 100 years.  Indeed, background radiation causes the death of tens of thousands of humans annually. These ‘natural’ effects may be exacerbated by the 23 nuclear accidents recorded during the last century”.

Radiation Free Lakeland know Sellafield to be the equivalent of an ongoing accident with routine releases of radiation to sea, air and groundwaters. On May 13th Cumbria Wildlife Trust are inviting families to spend hours on beautiful St Bees beach making sand sculptures.  This is the same beach where increasing numbers of radioactive particles from Sellafield’s insane reprocessing programme are being found.  Not really surprising as the headland of St Bees acts as a catchment area for Sellafield discharges.   The same particles take just 4 years to reach the Arctic and bioaccumulate in all life there.  As a result of these finds there are no warning signs on the beaches, rather the monitoring and retrieval of radioactive particles has been stepped down dramatically.  If you don’t look you don’t find?  If you don’t mention the ‘N’ word  people will be blind to the diabolic plan for ever more radioactive and chemical pollution from nuclear?


Leaflet handed out to delegates:




     Do Not Mention the ‘N’ word?


The Irish Sea is the most radioactively polluted in the world. There are plans to increase that pollution many times over with new build and geological dumps spewing into the Irish Sea. Cumbria Wildlife Trust remains schtum.

Reprocessing : Britain is on course to break an international agreement to reduce radioactive pollution of the Irish Sea because of a crash programme in reprocessing at the Sellafield nuclear site. Discharges of plutonium into the sea have risen from 120 gigabecquerels a year to more than 250 with similar increases in caesium and other radioactive isotopes.

New Build: Moorside, the proposal is bigger than and nextdoor to the largest concentration of nuclear waste on the planet, Sellafield. The companies who designed and built Fukushima have taken no responsibility for that disaster but are in talks with the UK government to build new reactors here in Cumbria. The Irish National Trust are taking the UK government to court over the decision to build new nuclear plants that would pollute the Irish Sea.

Geological Dumping: West Cumbria was ruled out as a site for a deep underground nuclear dump fifteen years ago because the geology is unsafe. Now there are new plans for one or more nuclear dumps about ten times as big containing much more of the dangerous wastes taken from nuclear reactor cores. Cumbria County Council voted against the plans in January 2013. The government says it does not want to hear the County Council but will let the handful of people on the executive of the District Councils decide.   The plan is for the wastes to percolate out to the Irish Sea.





published by Radiation Free Lakeland April 2014 http://wildar4.wix.com/radiation-free-land#!


Lancaster University Studies

Effects after chronic radiation





Letter to the European Commission Opposing Nuclear Subsidies for Hinkley

Nuclear joker burning public Money

Nuclear joker burning public money and Much Else Besides!


Below is Radiation Free Lakeland’s letter to the European Commission’s call for responses to state aid for Hinkley.

Please email your opposition by  TODAY 7th April to: stateaidgreffe@ec.europa.eu


Dear European Commission,

Radiation Free Lakeland STRONGLY oppose subsidies for new nuclear build at
Hinkley in Somerset and elsewhere in the UK.

The Commission will be aware that here in Cumbria the nuclear industry is
already the single largest user of fossil fuel with its own dedicated gas
plant ‘Fellside’ to keep the wastes from Hinkley and other nuclear plants
cool, and to reprocess spent fuel.

The Treasury pays out over £30 million yearly for gas to cool existing
wastes and to continue with reprocessing contracts of spent fuel from
Hinkley and elsewhere (contracts which should and could be broken in order
to halt the growing plutonium stockpile).

Fresh water use is another hidden subsidy – millions of gallons daily from
Wastwater and boreholes in West Cumbria to cool existing wastes from
Hinkley and elsewhere for which the industry pays….nothing, while the rest
of the UK’s water bills are increasing.

The ever increasing slush fund of bribes to Cumbrians to accept nuclear
developments and geological dumping of radioactive wastes is yet another
subsidy. The payment of salaries to people in positions of power such as
Lord Clark to enable nuclear compliance/soft pedalling of groups such as
the Lake District National Park Authority.

We wonder where the fossil fuel and fresh water is going to come from for
new nuclear build and who would pay for it even it it were possible to
access the profligate amounts of fresh water and fossil fuel needed?

The following were asked under Freedom of Information requests to the
Nuclear Decommissioning Authority

Q. Where will the freshwater for new nuclear build and new nuclear wastes
come from ?

Millions of gallons of fresh water are already abstracted daily from
Wastwater and other fresh water sources to cool the wastes at Sellafield.
meanwhile United Utilities are striving to find new freshwater sources for
domestic supplies on the West Coast.
“this is the start of a long-term project to re-evaluate the way we
deliver water in this special part of Cumbria so that we maintain
excellent services to our customers while minimising the impact on very
sensitive local habitats. We reviewed a wide range of possible options for
new water supplies in conjunction with the Environment Agency. One good
alternative source is the sandstone aquifer in the Egremont area and
that’s what we are tapping into. We may need to look at other potential
sources in future too. We also want to reduce the area’s overall demand
for water” http://www.unitedutilities.com/7705.aspx
More information:
—————————- Original Message —————————-
Subject: 15301320 – NDA response – water abstraction etc.
From: “Enquiries” <Enquiries@nda.gov.uk>
Date: Tue, November 15, 2011 11:02 am
To: Radiation Free Lakeland
Dear Ms Birkby
Please find set out below responses to the queries received from you on
the 24th October:
1. Regarding your question ‘What is the salary per year of Sellafield
Ltd’s non executive director Lord Clark (including for example attendance
expenses)?’ This information is not held by the NDA and I have been
informed by Sellafield Ltd that this information is not available in the
public domain.

Water Abstraction
The Abstraction licence issued by the Environment Agency to the NDA allows
abstraction of a total of 6,637,307 M3 of water per annum from Wastwater,
but the maximum abstraction in any 24 hour period must not exceed
18,184m3. During FY 2010/11 Sellafield abstracted a total of 5,166,397 m3
of water which represents 78% of the maximum allowed annual water
abstraction. In the same period over 0.6 million m3 of water (10% of the
water abstracted from Wastwater) was treated and used as “domestic water”
on site to support the health, hygiene and welfare needs of the over
10,000 people who work at Sellafield. The Environment Agency have in
addition issued licences for water abstraction from the River Ehen, River
Calder, Beckermet Mine and Boreholes near Calder Bridge and Calder Valley.
During FY 2010/11 Sellafield abstracted a combined total of 320,431 m3 of
water from these sources, this represents less than 6% of the total water
used at Sellafield. The data above excludes abstraction from Wastwater and
Calder Valley Boreholes used solely to maintain compensation freshwater
flow in the rivers Irt and Calder during extended periods of dry weather
for ecological & environmental reasons.

Gas purchases
The volume of gas used by Fellside CHP for 2010 (calendar year 1Jan-31Dec
2010) is 210,646,330 M3 at STP (STP is Standard Temp (15C)& Pressure of
1013.25 mbar).
We wish to point out that this data could not accurately be used in a
carbon footprint calculation. The actual CO2 emission data for 2010 is
421,691 Tonnes CO2, (this value has been independently verified under the
EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EUETS)) and relates to the entire electrical
and steam output from the Fellside CHP power station…..

Future Projections – Water and Gas Useage
Any new build associated with Nuclear Power generation is a matter for the
developer NuGen to develop its own proposals for water demand and
potential sources of suitable water supply.…….
Any additional demand for gas and water use for the new build reactor
adjacent to Sellafield would be a matter for NuGen and not the NDA.”

Radiation Free Lakeland would point out that this reply is a cop out – the
NDA are responsible for wastes and yet are promoting new build. This is a
corruption of governance.

The proposed new nuclear plant at Hinkley Point in south-west England
depends heavily on subsidies and is unlikely to go ahead without them. There
is no valid justification for these subsidies. They divert resources away
from other options that are altogether better and cheaper.
Good alternatives which are ready to go, cheaper than nuclear power, and
very much quicker to build.

The subsidies being offered for the Hinkley Point proposed project include
an index-linked price for nuclear electricity of £92.50 per MWh, guaranteed
for 35 years, loan guarantees, a very low cap on liabilities for nuclear
disasters, and several other subsidies described in “Nuclear Subsidies”
(PDF, bit.ly/1qoRrvY) and “Subsidies for nuclear power in the UK
government’s proposals for electricity market reform” (PDF, bit.ly/1cOojoH).

The nuclear industry is unsustainable in every way, financial,
environmental and health wise.
Subsidies allow this nightmare to continue. Radiation Free Lakeland
strongly oppose any subsidies for nuclear new build at Hinkley.

yours sincerely,

Marianne Birkby
on behalf of Radiation Free Lakeland






Don’t mention the ‘N’ word at Cumbria Wildlife Trust’s Irish Sea Conference




TOMORROW DEMO OUTSIDE IRISH SEA CONFERENCE – 8th April from 8.30am to 9.30am at the Netherwood Hotel, Grange over Sands.

Cumbria Wildlife Trust are about to pull off a magnificent sleight of hand at tomorrow’s Irish Sea conference.

Despite the Irish Sea being the most radioactively polluted in the world with plans to increase that pollution a billion fold with new build and geological dumps spewing crapola into the Irish Sea, there will no passing reference to nuclear.

Well maybe Sir Martin Holdgate will mention the ‘N’ word in his presentation on the “riches of the Irish Sea and the threats it currently faces, emphasising a science-based approach to conservation”.   But whats the betting that nuclear will be mentioned as an “opportunity” ?

Sir Martin famously campaigned vehemently and successfully against the demonised wind turbines at Whinash, while promoting new nuclear as “an opportunity” and even suggesting it could be seen as “renewable.”

So, while Ireland’s National Trust are throwing down a legal challenge to the UK government’s plans to further pollute the Irish Sea with new nuclear build, our neutered Cumbria Wildlife Trust who by the way are in receipt of nuclear money, says nowt!


Radiation Free Lakeland will be staging a demo outside the conference and handing out leaflets – please join us tomorrow 8.30 till 9.30


More info:

Moorcide – bigger than (!!!) and adjacent to the largest concentration of radioactive crapola in the world.


A4 Poster Radioactive Particles have been found on this beach

Radioactive Particles have been found on this beach


Sucking the Sea Life from the Oceans 101 Uses for a Nuclear Power Station


Thermal standards for cooling water from new build nuclear power stations

(the report can be downloaded from:

Produced by the Expert Panel, British EDF Estuarine & Marine
Studies (BEEMS)

The abstraction and return of seawater used for cooling
represents the most important environmental aspect to the marine
environment of nuclear power station operation. The discharge
introduces significant thermal energy (heat) to receiving
waters, which will continue with little variation throughout the
operational life of the station, which may exceed 40 years.
Return cooling-water will typically be 8–10°C higher than
background. A modest temperature rise adjacent to the discharge
is inevitable with little practical opportunity for mitigation
once the station is commissioned.


Press Release


Cumbria Trust make some excellent points about the continuing sham CONsultation meetings regarding Geological Dump plans for heat generating radioactive wastes. We would add that While this continues to be “a plan” the industry and government are colluding to push along the very real plan to build new nuclear plants. Greenpeace withdrew their legal challenge against Hinkley C because the government “have a plan” for the nuclear waste. In the eyes of government and industry (and Greenpeace) it is immaterial whether  or not this geological dump plan will come to fruition what matters is that “the plan” for geological dumping continues. Whether it is insane and dangerous is of no consequence as long as “the plan” and the CONsultations continue, this is a prerequisite for new build. Meanwhile the industry goes ahead unchallenged with its agenda for dispersing increasing amounts and nastiness of radioactive wastes to the environment while increasing the footprint and terrorist target of Sellafield by more than double with new build, Moorcide, adjacent to the worlds largest radioactive waste dump. Opposing geological dumping anywhere is key to stopping the nuclear juggernaught. The first step to looking after the waste as safely as possible is to stop making more waste!

Originally posted on Cumbria Trust - A Voice for Cumbria:

Firstly , Cumbria Trust notes that the Committee on Radioactive Waste Management (CoRWM) has decided to hold a public meeting* regarding geological nuclear waste disposal in Workington, Cumbria on 30th April 2014.
Secondly , that of all the locations in the Country which could have been chosen for such a meeting, CoRWM has chosen West Cumbria.
Thirdly , that this follows recent assurances from DECC ministers that the new process would be a truly national process following the Cumbrian MRWS process coming to an end last year.
Fourthly , that no other such meetings appear to have been announced by CoRWM.
Fifthly , that the new White Paper is likely to be published in the summer of 14.
Cumbria Trust expects that the Government will ignore the results of its own and last consultation and proceed in the White Paper to exclude County Councils from the decision making process; namely…

View original 440 more words

Stones and Sea #SellafieldFreeTheDeer


Sellafield have put up extra security fences extending the largest nuclear site in Europe to include woodlands trapping deer and other wildlife. Now they want to cull the trapped family group of roe deer including pregnant does. Sellafield have told Natural England that the deer are a “security threat” and so “special permission” has been given to shoot the deer out of season. The fences are meaningless while Sellafield continues to chuck radioactive wastes out to sea, to air and to landfill.

Save the Sellafield Deer Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/594914607254416/

More info:


Music by Yvonne Lyon “Someday” http://yvonnelyonmusic.com/


The stone circle that the Sellafield fences are getting ever nearer to is called Grey Croft – maybe the least visited in Cumbria nevertheless important archeologically http://www.themodernantiquarian.com/site/75/


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